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Estate SalesAn antique armoire. A half-empty bottle of glass cleaner. A worn pair of blue jeans. Cans of green beans. An old collection of dolls. Oriental rugs. Rolls of toilet paper. This hodge-podge assortment and more is what can be found and purchased at estate sales.

“The craziest thing we have sold yet were military flight suits and other military paraphernalia from one of the wars,” said Ginny Hawkins, an Edmond real estate agent who has recently started a business conducting estate sales with fellow agent Kristyn Grewell. “But most of the stuff (we sell) is the same stuff we all have.”

“Another time, we were going to take down the silk flowers along the top of the kitchen cabinets, but when we climbed up there, they were not only all dusty and dirty, but they were stapled in, so we left them, thinking no one would want them anyway,” Hawkins said. “Then a couple came through and bought every one of them!”

“You can never predict what will sell,” Grewell said. “An item that we think is a prized item will be left at the end of the day, while another we debated on throwing away will be the first thing to sell. You can just never tell.”

Grewell and Hawkins entered the estate sale business somewhat by chanc