History in the Making

Jena Mottola

Thirty years ago, Edmond history
buffs recognized a huge hole in the city’s cultural landscape—a museum
dedicated to its past.

A group of dedicated volunteers
partnered with the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust to fill the historic
National Guard Armory building on Boulevard with a collection of exhibits that
bring the city’s history to life. Alongside the exhibits, a robust research
library was developed, giving unparalleled access to information about the
city, from its founding in 1889 through the present day.

Children's AreaThe museum’s mission is simple
to understand but difficult to execute. “I want visitors to have a history
experience because when they experience something, they remember it. If they
just read it or see it, maybe it’ll stick. But if they touch it, feel it, smell
it and do it, they’ll remember it forever. It will find its way into a
visitor’s memory,” says the museum’s Executive Director, Jena Mottola.

The emphasis on the history
experience sets the museum apart. The museum’s interactive exhibits are