H&G: Overhaul your Man Cave

It’s comforting to have a special area in your home to call your own – the room where you can relax and be surrounded by things you love.

Many men fondly refer to this room as their “Man Cave,” filled with special items like that homerun ball you caught, the mounted deer head from a youthful hunting trip and your old record collection. Not to mention the first lamp you ever purchased as an adult, your antique ammunition collection and the football from your game-winning touchdown. These all hold special memories that make your space more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, one man’s “memory” can be a wife’s irritation. If your Man Cave looks like a cluttered and disorganized mess, it can be difficult to convey the importance of these items to other family members in your household. Tastefully showcasing your prized belongings to look as treasured as you feel they are could be the key to achieving a more peaceful family life.

Here’s to taking the man cave up a notch.

If you have a large collection of memorabilia that’s lying around the house, banned to a closet or sitting in storage, consider displaying the best pieces in a lighted hutch. Open shelves will keep your items looking attractive, while the cabinets will hide any unsightly messes. A cherry finish with nickel hardware will portray the masculine look you’re going for in your home office or study. You can find this 62” Easton hutch at Haggards Fine Furniture located at 3415 N. May in Oklahoma City.

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