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Work Shouldn't Be A Pain

“The bottom line is that we make people feel better while they’re at work,” says Simply Wellness C.E.O. Leslie Johnson. “There’s a lot that goes into that. People hurt all day long. Employers don’t pay attention to it until they’ve got a workers’ compensation claim on their hands.”

A former chiropractor with 13 years of experience, Leslie is an expert in ergonomics – the science of human engineering. In common parlance, it means making an office or cubicle more comfortable for an employee instead of wedging an employee into a generic space.

“The biggest problem that I see is pain between the shoulder blades and headaches that employees don’t have when they wake up but have when they go home,” says Leslie. “In a nutshell, we change the environment to match
a person’s body.”

Employees embrace Leslie’s program because it makes their workday more comfortable – and it feels good for them to know that their employers care. Employers like the program because it means less lost productivity and fewer workers’ compensation claims. Those claims can cost as much as $45,000 per case.

Leslie works with companies both large and small. A current client employs over 3,000 workers with roughly 2,000 of them sitting behind desks.

Leslie’s interest in ergonomics developed when, early in her career, she saw many cases of injuries that could have been prevented with more ergonomic workplaces. Her passion for ergonomics has grown over the years and she aims to spread that passion to the companies she works with.

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Pioneers of Heart Health

When four friends in Edmond became concerned about their cardiovascular health, they decided to do something about it. Together they opened Cardio Screening Centers. They turned to Nobel Prize-winning research on the amino acid L-Arginine and landed on a formulation called ProArgi9.

ProArgi9 was developed by leading L-Arginine experts and cardiovascular specialists who have conducted pioneering research of the application of L-Arginine in the promotion of cardiovascular health. ProArgi9 comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

The body breaks down L-Arginine into a simple gas, Nitric Oxide. When the gas is released, it has many benefits, but two of the greatest are preservation of blood vessel elasticity and controlled blood flow throughout the body. Today’s less healthy diets, combined with aging, result is less Nitric Oxide production. Over 62 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease.

Cardio Screening technicians measure blood pressure and conduct a short, non-invasive test, employing pulse wave technology, in the home. The quick test assesses arterial elasticity and age. After continued use of ProArgi9 for at least three months, a follow-up test is conducted to measure progress.

“L-Arginine affects the entire vascular system,” says Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast, an expert on Arginine. “Because it makes arteries relax, blood flows better throughout the body. It also has an unexpected, positive impact on plaque build up. We can’t ignore the power of L-Arginine any more!”

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