Happy Homes to the Rescue

happy homes to the rescue

Happy Homes to the Rescue

We’ve all seen them. Abandoned pets that immediately grab our attention. Many of these animals are left with few options and no one to help. Thankfully, Oklahoma boasts a number of pet shelters dedicated to connecting forgotten animals with loving new owners. Here are a few of their success stories.


Bringing Puddin Home

Edmond Animal Shelter  405-216-7615

When a female pit bull terrier-mix named Puddin’ came to the Edmond Animal Shelter, the loving staff spent over 525 days trying to find her a suitable home. “She was a sweet little thing, but no one seemed to want to give her a home,” said Executive Director Nicki Smith. “We did some social media blasting to spread the word and someone finally adopted her, only to return her a couple of weeks later due to a lack of time to devote to a pet.” Nicki and her staff once again spread the word about Puddin’ and soon a family came to meet her. “That was almost two years ago and we periodically receive updates from Puddin’s new family showing how well loved and happy she now is.”


Service Dog for Iraq Veteran

Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation, Okarche  405-620-2411

Stephanie wasn’t expecting to make new friends upon returning from a long tour in Iraq as a frontline medic. “She experienced severe injuries when her truck hit a landmine,” said Lori Jones, owner of Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation. The army veteran, who suffered from PTSD, soon found comfort in a new furry friend, Peter, who brought smiles back to her daily routine. The Australian-mixed dog was one of seven puppies born from a rescue dog at the shelter. He met Stephanie and has been her service dog ever since. Lori said it’s important to find a good match with breed when adopting. “Consider your living conditions, space and amount of time you have to spend with a dog.”


Head Over Heels for Penny

Pet Angels Rescue, Guthrie  405-413-2895

The volunteers at Pet Angels Rescue are quick to note that it is hard to pinpoint successes in a program filled with thousands of animals in need. The caring volunteers fall head over heels for so many of the helpless animals. Penny, a purebred husky born without her right front leg, was always overlooked by prospective owners. Penny was brought to Pet Angels Rescue at seven-months-old. When she later delivered 10 purebred husky puppies, they were all adopted. After staying at the shelter for over a year, Penny was finally adopted by a volunteer who helped care for her during her stay.


Nissa Builds Trust Again

Central Oklahoma Humane Society  405-418-4013

Dana McCrory of Central Oklahoma Humane Society says the obstacles that come with pet adoption can be overcome with a little love and tons of patience. “A few months ago we had a very timid dog, Nissa, with her five puppies in our program. She was so incredibly scared and we knew she would need love and attention. Everything was frightening to her. She was so frightened she would cower and shut down and lie in the corner.” Thanks to the patience of her staff and a loving foster family, the dog found the capacity to love and trust again. Instead of hiding in corners, her favorite place is on her family’s couch and snuggling up to any warm body.


Maverick: Happy and Healthy Again

Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue, OKC  405-517-9044

Maverick is a survivor. Abandoned by his family and 20 pounds underweight, he wandered onto a nearby resident’s front porch in search of food and shelter. The neighbor picked up the frail dog and immediately took him to a veterinarian who eventually contacted Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue. “Maverick went to our medical foster’s home, and they began feeding him just a few bites every few hours,” said Stevie Easter, President of Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue. “ Slowly he started to gain weight and on August 6, Maverick, at 74 pounds, happy and healthy, went to to live with his new family at his forever home.”


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