“Google Adsense Guy” Joel Comm

A penny clangs against the glass of a fish bowl over and over again, once every second. And Edmond entrepreneur Joel Comm just keeps dropping them without a word. A penny a second. That’s how much money he makes, and with his book “The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense,” he wants you to know how he does it.

“There’s so much money online,” he said. “It is falling from the sky like the manna of heaven. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you grasp the vision, it is crazy money.”

Having that vision, seeking out the often well-masked opportunities in the world, is exactly what has made Comm so successful. In the 1990s, the Internet still in its infancy, he created WorldVillage.com as a portal to family-friendly web content. A short time later, he co-created the online game engine that would become Yahoo! Games, a destination so popular it has more than 150,000 people playing at any one time.

And just a few years ago, vision struck again. Search engine giant Google started Adsense in 2003 as an advertising program for websites of all types. The concept is fairly simple. Targeted advertisements are placed on a site alongside its content. When visitors click these ads, Google compensates the site owner with a piece of the advertising profit. Comm began using it quite early on his many websites, but it was in April 2004 that he became curious.

“I started going into the panel they have and looking at the different preferences and options,” he said. “I started testing the different placements, colors and blocks. That day I went from $22 to $88, passive income. I kind of cracked the mystery with how to make money with this.”

His investigation into maximizing the profits from Adsense continued, and it wasn’t long before friends and colleagues began asking for his tips. Just as Comm had done, each of them increased their profits considerably with his methods. At the urging of those who had benefited, he wrote his secrets into an e-book in January 2005.

The response was immediate and amazing. The first edition sold thousands of copies and gave way to an even more extensive version, incredibly popular as well. Now in print form, Comm’s book has reached the top of Amazon’s best-seller charts and has gained him national recognition. Put his name into a search engine in quotes, and you’ll receive more than a hundred thousand results.

“I’m established now as the Google Adsense guy,” he said. “They call me Dr. Adsense. I’m really in awe of all of it.”
Now the “doctor” travels all over the country, spending time away from Mary, his wife of 17 years, and his two children in order to speak at seminars and teach others how to take the greatest possible advantage of Google’s program. Comm does it because he believes Adsense provides a rare opportunity in an otherwise competitive world.

“A lot of things you don’t want to share because someone else will come a nd compete,” he said. “But with Adsense, there’s so much money out there. I want everybody to go after it because it’s going to be good for everybody.”

With a knack for inspiration, Comm gains believers with every person to hear him speak. Case studies, including his own mother’s reluctant foray into a cyberspace travel diary, prove his techniques successful, and an emphasis on the reputable, content-driven website creation gains him credibility. He quiets doubters who claim the Adsense boom is over by pointing out the most important thing of all. Internet advertising is a multi-billion dollar a year business.
“Yahoo! sees that,” he said. “And Microsoft… You know Bill sees it. Yahoo! is now in beta with the Yahoo! Publisher Network. They’re all going to do anything they can to get a piece of it. The gravy days are yet to come. Whatever you’re doing, do something on the side that is Internet-related.”

Comm said his immediate future will be focused on spreading the word and continuing to operate his many websites, such as FamilyFirst.com and DealofDay.com. He is looking toward going international with his techniques, particularly Japan, and he takes all of it with great modesty.

“I’m just really fortunate to have been positioned as early as I was,” he said.

The crowd watching the pennies drop into the fish bowl would love to be so fortunate, but Comm’s illustration is not yet complete. He produces a full bucket with nearly $50 worth of pennies and dumps it into the fishbowl. The coins overflow onto the table in one loud, jarring motion. That’d be just over an hour’s profit for Edmond’s Joel Comm.

Now he has your attention.

For more info on book – www.theadsensecode.com. For more info on him – www.joelcomm.com

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