Going Wireless and The Baby Boom


These days, wireless Internet isn’t just a novelty enjoyed by the privileged, tech-savvy few; it’s becoming more and more important in everyday life. Believe it or not, there are still pockets of the metropolitan area with very limited options when it comes to wireless Internet, which includes, perhaps most shockingly, part of Edmond. This lack of provision is something Wavelinx, a local Internet service provider, plans to fix.

“I’m a long-time resident of Edmond. I grew up there, raised my family there and I’m looking to help serve the community in whatever ways I can,” Todd Segress, president of Wavelinx, said. “It’s becoming more a necessity than a luxury when it comes to daily business; if the Internet is down, it just stops business, and the generation that has grown up with the Internet uses it not only for business but for entertainment and social networks. It’s becoming a staple in our lives.”

Devices like computers, mobile phones, video game systems and some appliances are already expected to have wireless Internet connectivity.

“In the future, we’re looking for even more everyday devices coming with wireless connectivity. The medical field is looking at a lot of exciting ways where it can improve the freedom and safety of medical monitoring; so basically; the superhighway is going to interact with all types of devices. There are even cars that will be coming out in the next couple years with WiMAX connectivity. Once you have access to broadband Internet, the content is just limitless,” he said.

Wavelinx serves 32 communities throughout Oklahoma and is currently installing one of the first WiMAX next generation wireless networks in the state. The company