Global Missions Project

Shanties barely standing upright, mud covered streets and filth in every corner. These are the surroundings that Dr. Bryan Franks welcomes on every tour with Global Mission Partners (GMP).

In the fields of Mexico, through the villages of Kenya, to the major metropolitan streets of Kathmandu, Franks believes that his lifelong work is truly helping out. He is a pastor at City Church and has been in mission work for more than twenty-five years.

“We are an Oklahoma based company that was established to provide healthcare to those around the world who wouldn't have access otherwise,” Franks said. “We also provide housing to those who live in what amounts to cardboard boxes and pallet style shacks.”

Nine years ago, Franks closed his private practice and began his mission work full-time. “I would say that it wasn’t a very good business move, but it was a very good personal move,” he said.

It is the fact that he works in some of the very poorest places in the world that drew him to being a full-time missionary. “There is very substantial poverty. Take Nepal in South Asia for example, the per capita income is about $280 per year.”

Franks stresses the importance of understanding that very few places have the luxuries we enjoy in the United States. Things such as clean drinking water and available medicines at the corner drug store.

“Imagine the feeling of living in a remote village in the Himalayas and you have a young child or any family member who has fallen sick and there is no medicine available,” he said. “These are the conditions throughout most of the world.”

Most of the illnesses that Franks and his medical teams see began as something very common and because of the lack of basic medicines, the illnesses grow into something much more severe.

“Knowing the importance of drinking clean water or proper hygiene goes a long way in preventing the spreading of a sickness that could be easily treatable. That is why we always stress teaching health education in both verbal and writing.”

The pride really shows on his face when he speaks of the accomplishments over the years in the medical facilities improvements in Mexico. “The way we have built up some of the areas, you could now step into a clinic and never know the difference from one of these and one in Edmond or anywhere else.”

GMP teams consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses, translators, pastors and general volunteers go on mission trips ranging from five days to fifteen days. The size ranges from five to as many as forty people. “What surprises some people is that being largely a medical mission, half the team or more tend to be non-medical people.”

Another important aspect to the GMP is called “healing ministries.”

“This is an extension as my role as a pastor and my faith,” Franks said. “We often set-up in a local church or school and we pray for those who are needing healing and often we see results right on the spot.”

The future of GMP looks bright. Dr. Franks has visions of returning to Russia to reestablish relationships. Also, he is continuously looking for avenues into Cuba and further expanding his works in Africa.

“I have never been thought of as the great doctor from America and that is good. We have always been well received and we all hope that this continues. Healing ministry for physical, emotional and spiritual freedom is why we exist.”

GMP is a 501(c)3 charitable, not for profit foundation. It is purely volunteers and the future depends on those who are willing to give a little to help a lot. If you are interested in helping, go to and contact Dr. Franks.

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