Get the 411 on Outdoor Living Spaces

4 Areas Every Outdoor Living Space Needs

With outdoor living spaces having become so popular in the
last few years, chances are you already have one in your backyard or you’re in
the process of designing one. But does your outdoor space truly have all the
areas it needs to be considered a living area, or is it just another part of the
home? If you’re not sure then you’re in luck, as we’re about to take a look at
the 4 areas every outdoor living space needs.


Without a doubt, the outdoor
kitchen has emerged as the must-have area for outdoor rooms over the last year.
They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the same is true for the
outdoor kitchen – it’s the heart of your outdoor area. Not only does it blur
the lines between indoor and outdoor living, it also lets you do all your
cooking in one convenient spot, with no more running from the patio back to the
kitchen. Couple this with how it helps a home’s resale value, and it’s easy to
see why it’s so popular.


The conversation area is essential
for anyone who’s serious about outdoor entertaining. The last thing you want is
to have guests over and have everyone standing around awkwardly or scavenging
for a place to make themselves comfortable. With a well designed conversation
area, everyone has an area to sit down, talk, and enjoy themselves. A great
centerpiece, like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, surrounded by stylish
furniture, whether a full sectional or some strategically placed chairs, will
make this an area everyone wants to spend time in.


At its core, outdoor living is about
kicking back in the outdoors and taking it easy, which makes a relaxation area
an absolute essential. It’s easy to confuse this with the conversation area,
but there’s a key difference – the conversation area is for larger groups,
while the relaxation area is generally for one or two people. Think of it as
that quiet retreat you can go to after a long day at work or on a weekend
morning when you want some quiet time. Accessories like chaise lounges,
fountains, and wind chimes are perfect for an area like this, ensuring a
tranquil atmosphere.


What’s an outdoor area without some lush,
vibrant, green plant life? Pretty dull if you ask me! While you don’t
necessarily have to create a whole garden area, designating some spot in the
backyard for greenery is definitely a good idea. It may be a trellis with
planters near a wall, a mini-greenhouse in the corner of a patio, or a garden
patch with flowers and herbs. Whatever you go with, just don’t neglect adding
some plant life – it will do wonders for the look of your outdoor space.

If you’re just getting started designing your outdoor area
or planning a remodeling job, keep these 4 areas in mind. They’ll help you
create the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of!

About The Author – Marissa Alan is a writer with
Outdoor Living. Her hobbies include vegetable gardening and exterior design.
For more on items like fire pits,
outdoor grills, patio furniture, and garden
, visit


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