Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Filmmakers

Dominic Bonocore, Tate Talley, and Ricardo Vara Sanchez

Most kids dream of becoming their favorite superhero. They don makeshift capes, hatch harrowing plots, and leap from the tallest sofa cushion – all adrenaline and imagination. But Edmond native, Tate Talley took his childhood passion from pretend play to all-out production.

The 22-year-old launched his production company, Infinity Entertainment, in 2021 and is currently completing his certificate in Digital Cinema Production – both of these steps giving life to long-held goals.

“My parents got me a camera when I was in fourth grade. I started with little videos for YouTube, which grew into short films, and now, an entire series,” Tate said. “Plus, I was always involved in theater, whether at school or local theaters. I just have a passion for telling stories.”

His passion is evident in the impressively shot first season of Web of Spider-Man, which has gained over 50,000 views on YouTube. Excitement is now building for the second of what Tate says will be a three-season series, plus a short film. “The series follows Peter Parker as he hunts down those responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy, his classmate and love interest, and realizes he may be in over his head,” Tate explained.

Tate and co-creator, Dominic Bonocore work closely to write, cast, direct, film, and star in the series. The cast is made up of Oklahomans, or those attending school in the state, and shot at various locations across the metro. “We use friends’ apartments, office buildings, and we go downtown for exterior shots that we use to represent New York City,” Tate explained.

But with all the subjects under the sun available to the young filmmaker, it’s natural to ask: Why Spider-Man? Tate doesn’t hesitate. “I’m the biggest nerd who ever existed,” Tate joked. “But Peter Parker is such a relatable character to me. I knew I wouldn’t be in the big leagues, but I thought if no one else would give me the chance to play my hero, I’d do it myself.”

While the Spider-Man miniseries has seen great success, Tate sees it more as a stepping stone than a final stop. “We don’t want to be the Spider-Man guys forever,” he said. “This has given us great experience and is a good example of what we can do. But we have more stories to tell.”

In fact, Dominic says he has five other scripts currently in the works. Fans might even expect a comedy to come from Infinity Entertainment in the future. Regardless of what’s to come, the duo wouldn’t do anything differently.

Tate and Dominic agree that with cell phones in everyone’s back pocket, the barrier to the film industry is lower than ever. “Pick up your phone and go film something. Just do it,” they said.

“You hear a lot of people talking about a project they’d like to start, but very few people are doing it. Why not you?”

Witness the Web of Spider-Man and other Infinity Entertainment creations on YouTube @InfinityEntertainment405 or on Instagram @_Infinity_Entertainment_405.

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