FOOD: Red Mango

red mangoIt turns out that not everything that tastes great is bad for you. Red Mango in
Edmond proves that by offering an impressive selection of smoothies, frozen yogurt, fruit parfaits and beverages that are gluten-free made of all-natural ingredients and are rich in probiotics, calcium and protein. “No artificial colorings, flavorings or sweeteners,” explained Red Mango owner Nabeel Jamal.

Jamal opened the franchise in March, just in time for the hot spring and summer. “We realized this could be something good that we can bring to Oklahoma and offer our community, because the yogurt itself is actually good for you.”

Customers are welcome to see for themselves — nutritional information for all the products is available online and in the store. From White Peach to Mango and Milk Chocolate, one serving of these frozen yogurt sensations often have about 100 calories. “A lot of people try it once and are back for more,” said Jamal. “We see a lot of people coming back.”

Once they walk into the store, all customers have to do is grab a cup and design their own combination of frozen yogurt flavors and healthy toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts and granola. “You can mix and match whatever flavors you want,” said Jamal. Customers can also take their frozen delight to go.

In addition to its award-winning frozen yogurt, Red Mango offers fresh fruit smoothies and probiotic iced teas and lemonades that are not only refreshing but also boost your immune and digestive systems. And if that sounds almost too good to be true, wait until you taste the parfaits or the artisan hot chocolate that is offered during the winter. It’s easy to see why the Zagat survey, which reviews restaurants from around the world, ranked Red Mango No. 1 in two categories: top healthy products and best smoothie and frozen yogurt chain in the U.S.

Another aspect that sets Red Mango apart is its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. “We always try to greet every single customer that walks in,” said Jamal. If a customer hasn’t been to the store before, a staff member walks them through everything they need to know.

Jamal said some of the most popular flavors this season are White Peach, Peanut Butter and Mango Coconut Swirl. His favorite is Mango, of course. He explained that mangos turn red when they are ripe. That is when they are the most delicious and rich in nutrients, hence the name of the store. It highlights the company’s commitment to healthy and natural products.

The first Red Mango store opened in Los Angeles five years ago. Today there are more than 150 Red Mango stores nationwide and Jamal is hoping that more stores will open in Oklahoma in the near future.

Red Mango is located in Hampton Village on Broadway and 15th Street in Edmond. For more information, call 562-1255, find them on Facebook (redmangoedmond) or visit

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