FOOD: Nhinja Sushi

The Nhin FamilyYou’re probably part of one of
the most explosive dining trends that has emerged in this decade and you may
not even know it.

Most of us routinely rush into
our favorite restaurants expecting the ultimate experience­—fantastic food at
warp speed for a reasonable cost. Doesn’t sound like anything new to us, but to
the restaurant industry, customers’ growing demand for quality food without the
wait spurred a new genre of fast casual eateries. Seemingly overnight, a whole
new breed of restaurants was born.

Diners today want healthier,
higher-quality foods than fast food offers, yet don’t want the longer wait and
pricier tab of full-service, casual dining. Rising to fill the culinary void,
fast casual restaurants provide superior ingredients and higher-end menu items
but keep them affordable by eliminating the wait staff. It’s a win-win: diners
get the fresh, delicious foods they crave, in the eat-and-run environment they
demand, and restaurants get to stay true to their first love—a superb menu.

One fast-growing local eatery,
Nhinja Sushi & Wok, has perfected fast casual dining with a level of
integrity that exten