FOOD: Lunch Smart

Callah Staggs with her daughtersWhat comes to mind when you think of your old school lunches? Did you like bringing your own, or like the food served in the cafeteria better? If you brought your lunch, who packed it? 

Children’s school lunches should be super tasty, but equally healthy. It’s important for kids to have a healthy lunch to keep their energy up to actively interact and focus on learning, not a growling stomach.

The best part about packing a healthy school lunch is that it doesn’t have to be hard! Lisa Johnston, a registered dietitian and owner of Nourish Nutrition & Diabetes, shares some tips that can help parents pack a nutritious lunch for their child.

“I encourage parents to provide lunches that contain four components: a protein, a high fiber carbohydrate, a fat source and a vegetable,” says Johnston. “When you provide meals with a good balance of macro-nutrients, kids will feel satisfied longer and will be able to focus better all afternoon.”

Johnston shares that some good protein options are meats, eggs, beans, peanut butter, yogurt, milk or cheese. She says some high fiber carbohydrate sources could be fruit, 100-percent whole-grain Engl