FOOD: Los Arcos

los arcosIn today’s society of mass-produced goods and drive-thru lifestyles, discovering a truly authentic treasure in your hometown is a welcomed treat. Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant is one such treat, bringing the flavor and flair of Mexico’s famed cuisine home to Edmond.

Hailing from Aguascalientes, a Mexican state two hours outside Guadalajara, Mexico, Los Arcos owners Fernando Garcia and Rene Diaz come by their culinary roots naturally. Though the two never met while living in Aguascalientes, they found an extraordinary kinship after moving to Oklahoma.

Separately drawn to a popular Mexican chain restaurant in Oklahoma City by relatives employed there, Garcia and Diaz diligently worked in service positions. As the two openly recount about their early beginnings in the states, “When you come to America, you come to work.” From dishwasher and server positions and up through the ranks over more than a decade, they paid more than their dues; they paid attention.

Sharing a strong working relationship and an integral faith through their church affiliation, Garcia and Diaz formed a trusting bond. In 2006, the two partnered as co-owners, opening Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Edmond. Aptly named in honor of the ranch where they grew up in Mexico, Los Arcos, meaning ‘the arches,’ pays tribute to their heritage. Throughout the restaurant, arches are a prevalent decorative feature along with colorful earthen hues and scenic wall motifs reminiscent of the Mexican landscape and culture.

Garcia and Diaz drew on their mutual strengths to realize the dream of owning their own restaurant. A tenacious work ethic and desire to offer customers the best food at reasonable prices is still their guiding mantra. The owners recall that the first two years of business were the most challenging, especially since they had worked for many years in south Oklahoma City and were relatively unknown in Edmond. “We were happy to find out how friendly the Edmond people were. After six years here, we still have new customers every day and love seeing all of our regulars, too,” the two remark.

To the delight of Edmond residents, Los Arcos’ creative spirit and excellence are as plentiful on the menu as in their operations. Customers enjoy their favorite traditional dishes plus a choice of five salsas, fish and shrimp entrées, mixed grill skillets, soups, appetizers and desserts, all prepared with the signature flavors of Mexico.

One of the most popular dishes, Brochetas Los Arcos, tempts diners with two skewers of chopped steak, shrimp, chicken, bacon, bell pepper and onion, grilled and served with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice and beans. Fajitas are another menu highlight, with the beef marinated in Los Arcos’ own special marinade for 24 hours.

Families with children especially enjoy Los Arcos, given the restaurant’s quick seating and 10 to 15-minute serve time, Diaz says. Flavored waters are fun for the kids and complimentary Queso and soapapillas score big with all diners. A full bar is also available.

Located at 1718 East 2nd Street in Edmond, Los Arcos is open seven days a week. For more information, call 348-1800 or visit

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