FOOD: Juiceblendz Cafe

Ashley Hughes, co-ownerIf you’ve ever pleaded with a
toddler to eat his fruits and vegetables or abandoned the well-intentioned
apple and yogurt on your desk to join colleagues for lunch—where the gossip was
even juicier than the cheeseburger—you’re not alone. Trying to maintain
nutritional balance in a world replete with delicious distractions is a daily

One savvy new Edmond hot spot,
Juiceblendz Café, is bridging the gap between nutrition and convenience. Who
knew juicing could be such a treat, even to an avid sweets-lover? Using 100%
raw juice as a base for their smoothies, rather than sugared premixes and
packaged purees, this innovative franchise is redefining the industry with
delicious alternatives to high-calorie smoothies. Many of their 24 oz.
‘Smoothiez’ boast a modest 250-260 calories.

If you’re new to the ‘juicing’
phenomenon and its amazing health benefits, prepare to be delighted. Extracting
juice from fruits and vegetables delivers a po