FOOD: Jo’s Famous Pizza

JoFew foods bring people together
in such an instant, carefree fashion as the just-opened box of piping-hot
pizza. Kids flock to the dinner table, office workers instinctively migrate
from their computers and party guests come to life when this one-dish wonder
casts its aromatic spell on a hungry crowd. By its very design, pizza is meant
to be shared.

Like other Italian foods we’ve
adopted as American classics, the once-humble pie easily evolved into a
stateside sensation. Though the first pizzeria opened in New York in 1905, it
wasn’t until after World War II that pizza grew into a widespread attraction.
American GIs stationed in Italy returned home with a taste for the hearty pies
they had discovered overseas— yet another reason to thank our countrymen during
this patriotic month!

 Popping up in cities and neighborhoods
throughout the country, pizza shops offered exactly what the world was
craving—fast, fun, inexpensive food and a casual spot to meet friends. Even the