FOOD: Boutique Bounty

For years I wasn’t sure what it meant to be a foodie, but I envied the cool moniker just the same. I envisioned someone who whipped up fabulous French sauces or knew all the best eateries in Italy or could throw together an outrageous feast with a few common pantry ingredients. I qualified on none of those levels.

Debra Blakley, Able Blakley and Kari Blakley, owners of Savory Spice ShopI’ve since learned that a foodie is a person with a refined interest in food, regarding it as a hobby rather than mere sustenance chosen out of convenience or hunger. By that definition, is anyone today not a foodie? Just try planning an office lunch or family get-together. It’s like taking a crash course in health, diet and environmentally-conscious eating. Yet, it’s an exciting time in our expanding food culture as most of us seek new ways to maintain healthy lifestyles full of vibrant menu options. No one embraces and furthers the cause with such passion as local specialty food shops.

As owner and operator of Savory Spice Shop in OKC, Able Blakley says, “People are realizing what’s in their food and are taking extra steps, going to different