Fire in the Wall!

Fire in the Wall!

My family often shakes their heads at the unusual happenings in my life. I don’t get it. I mean, what is the big deal about breaking my toe on the fringe of the bedspread or snapping my tailbone on a 12-speed bike? Okay, there are more incidents.

But even I was shocked when my wall thermostat burned up. It’s true. I decided to adjust the temperature at a private home in Arkansas where I was staying. When I reached for the control a spark of static electricity crackled toward the control before my fingers ever touched it. Suddenly, smoke puffed from behind the unit.

A dozen questions hit my mind in a millisecond. Were wires burning inside the wall? Was the house going to go up in flames? Who should I call? I immediately dialed the electric company and exclaimed, “My thermostat is on fire!” Surprised at my call, they calmly suggested I call an electrician. Great! I didn’t know one. I quickly contacted a realtor friend who texted back a name and phone number with lightening speed. I called. The man barely answered when I blurted out, “My thermostat is on fire!”

He chuckled. “I don’t think so.”

Really? Anxiety turned to panic and I wondered if I should call 911. However, the guy did say he would be there in ten minutes. I could tell he thought he was dealing with a frazzled female and that didn’t make me happy. But true to his word, he arrived in a short time and was shocked at the reality. “It really did burn up,” he said incredulously. He had never seen such a thing.

The good news is that nothing inside the wall burned and the thermostat control was easily replaced. Oh, and the electrician was actually kind and courteous. For my part, I sprayed a little air freshener to cover the acrid smell of an electrical fire and handed him a check.

So here’s my advice to others who habitually have strange mishaps. “Beware of static electricity and keep an electrician on speed dial.”


Louise Tucker Jones

About the Author

Louise Tucker Jones is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker & founder of Wives With Heavenly Husbands, a support group for widows. or


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