Fine Living: Backyard Oasis

outdoor living continues its explosive trend of exciting innovations,
treating Edmond residents to resort-style wonderlands just beyond the
back door.  Sleek grills and outdoor kitchens sizzle with modern
convenience.  Firepits crackle with the cozy charm of a remote cabin
retreat.  And ever-evolving plant varieties dress local landscapes in
botanical splendor.

To anchor the numerous outdoor amenities and
create the ultimate getaway that homeowners crave, nature’s simplest
element – water – plays a starring role.  In its many forms, water
compels us to reconnect with nature and indulge both our quiet and
playful moods.  Edmond’s wealth of landscape and pool professionals have
seen a number of distinct trends emerging in today’s plentiful array of
water features.


Taking their cue from indoor style preferences and today’s
time-pinched lifestyles, this season’s choice water features reflect all
the fashionable, high-tech tastes of the day.  Local experts like Clyde
Dowell, sales manager at Wholesale Hot Tubs Recreation Warehouse, note
that homeowners want all the technology they can get in their
recreational choices.  “With so many negative things going on in the
world, consumers are cautious about making investments, but when they’re
ready to go, they want all the bells and whistles,” he comments.


The broad category of
‘water gardening