Fields of Green

Whether on the field or off, football coach turned business entrepreneur Owen Wilson, Jr., says he will make sure the job’s done right. “I teach my employees that it’s important to do things right, and not be in a rush to finish.”

“I love to coach football, and I love the game,” Wilson says. “I love teaching technique and the right way to do things.” It’s a mentality that carries over from the football field to lawns. “It’s important to do things right and not be in a rush to finish,” he says.

A native Oklahoman and football player in high school, Wilson went on to coach football in Oklahoma City and Edmond until he became an assistant coach for Santa Fe High School’s football team in 2001. Now, Wilson is also owner and president of the aptly-named Mowin’ Owen Lawn Services.

“The name kind of stays with you,” says Wilson. “You’re not going to forget Mowin’ Owen.”
It started in 2000 when the school football coach decided he couldn’t go another summer day at home not working. He went out that very day, bought a lawn mower, a weed-eater and designed and printed flyers. His foster son “rounded up a few of his buddies” to help pass the fliers out and Mowin’ Owen Lawn Services was born. Now, he has over 70 customers and business is booming.

Each year business picks up in the spring, when Wilson’s weekdays and evening practices are still crammed with coaching football. Thankfully, he is able to draw upon some of his own players for help. They are always ready to trade in their football for a lawn mower to earn some extra cash. By picking up four or five guys a weekend, Wilson cycles through his team to give everyone a chance to work for him. The best workers get to stay on and help him throughout the summer months.

It’s about honest work for an