Fiamma’s Extreme Mini-Golf Adventure

Fiamma competing

Fiamma lined up her shot, it was less than 10 yards to sink the Putt. She’d taken thousands of shots from this distance, but never a shot like this. To her left were a line of 8 porta potties rigged to open randomly. To the right a pool of water. “I got up there and saw a foot wide strip of grass, and I was like, oh yeah, I’m definitely going into the water.” This was no ordinary golf course. Fianna was a contestant on ABC’s Holey Moley.

It’s a cross between mini-golf and American Gladiator, reminiscent of the obstacle courses and water-dunking-antics of Wipeout. Filmed in California, Holey Moley has its own twists and humor with quirky commentary by Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, and guest star and resident “golf pro” Stephen Curry. 

After watching the first season of Holey Moley safely at home, professional golfer Fiamma Felitch was intrigued and decided to audition as a contestant in season two. She’s proud to have the opportunity to represent Oklahoma and compete in the