FEBRUARY BUSINESS: China Healing Massage

Tracy Lu and masseuse at China Healing MassageAs modern society seeks healing and stress relief, more individuals are looking to the past for natural health alternatives. The staff at China Healing Massage goes beyond muscle massage, tapping into the ancient Chinese arts of healing. 

“We offer a variety of massage therapies, such as reflexology, that relieve pain, take toxins out of your body and improve overall health,” said Tracy Lu, founder of China Healing Massage in Edmond. 

The staff, originally from China, has intensive certified training in acupressure, which is often referred to as acupuncture without the needles. The therapists apply manual pressure to points on the body which target specific organs in distress. 

Reflexology, a type of foot rub, is one of their most requested treatments. Customers’ feet are first soaked in warm water infused with Chinese herbs, then feet and lower legs are massaged to boost blood circulation and boost the body’s natural defense system. Patients claim that reflexology reduces stress, activates the immune system and can even ease pregnancy.

“Our techniques help people get rid of headaches, lower back pain, exhaustion, arthritis and so much more,” Lu said. “In many cases, we are recommended by chiropractors, because the combined treatments have better results.”

When Lu opened China Healing Massage three years ago, she was following in the footsteps of her parents, who moved from China and eventually owned a massage business in Oklahoma City. Because of a recent life change, Lu is moving to California and has turned the business over to her uncle, Dehong Lu, who is also trained in Chinese therapies. 

Tracy Lu knows the family business is in good hands and is proud of the improvements her uncle has made. 

“The shop’s been repainted in calming colors that make the reception even more warm and welcoming,” Lu said.  “Our service is superior. We have many repeat customers who refer their friends because they feel comfortable. They feel like they are part of our family.”

China Healing Massage is located at 104 E 15th Street in Edmond. Call 285-8215. Hours are 10am-10pm Mon-Sat, Sun 12pm-8pm. Walk-ins are welcome.

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