Fashionably Ambitious: Crafteing Shoes for the Stars

Former Edmond resident and Edmond Memorial High School graduate, Joshua Bingaman is on a career path that he never guessed would grow so rapidly. His company, Helm Handmade, was born just one year ago. Bingaman’s passion for quality handmade boots is now in high demand by Hollywood stars and best selling music artists.

Bingaman’s down-to-earth Oklahoma val-ues shaped the nature of his business and his boots. His commitment to quality and eye for high fashion are tempered by practicality, comfort, and an unpretentious price of $300 to $500 a pair. Although his journey to popularity seemed to happened overnight, he refuses to mass market his product and remains dedicated to the quality and process in which he is so
personally involved.

It all began in high school. “My brother and I had a shoe fetish growing up. We started collecting sneakers and other styles, but I started wearing more boots in high school,” said Bingaman. “After my brother and I started the Shoe Room in San Francisco, I collected older vintage styles and wore CAT, Sendra, Wolverines, Red Wings, just the whole gamut. Then boots started to become fashionable.”

Bingaman later moved to Austin to open Progress Coffee, which grew to become one of the 10 best boutique coffee shops in the country, according to Bon Appetit. His brother bought him out of the California shoe business, but he continued to wear boots in the sweltering Texas summer heat, as he dreamed of something
more practical.

“I wondered if I could design boots here that were influenced by work boots