Edmond’s New Fire Station

Groundbreaking is slated for early 2018 when Edmond will welcome a new $6 million fire station at W. 15th Street and Kelly Avenue. With Edmond’s expanding population and the growing need to replace the 40-year-old station on South Broadway, the new project is a timely upgrade that allows for reduced response times. Deputy Fire Chief Chris Denton told us more about the state-of-the-art facility and how it benefits Edmond residents.

Edmond's New Fire Station

Q: We understand the current station located on Broadway near 15th is more than 40 years old. Can you outline another reason Edmond needs a new station?

A: One issue is the very busy railroad tracks that cross our city. Out of our five fire stations, we have only one (Fire Station 3) located on the west side of the tracks where nearly 40% of the city’s populated urban area is. This new location will give Edmond two fire stations west of the tracks and the other three east of the tracks. Currently when a call is made west of Fire Station 2, the crews would typically travel west on 15th Street and if the crew is stopped by a train, our response time increases significantly.

Q: Tell us about the station itself. What will it be like?

A: This facility is going to be 14,632 square feet, about double what our current station is. That includes living space and three apparatus bays. There are several neat features to the building, but one in particular will be the four-fold bay doors. Instead of opening from the ground and rolling up, these will open from the middle and fold to the sides into four pieces, similar to a bi-fold door. The opening rate is much faster and their longevity and lifespan is longer. We’re all about “seconds count,” and those doors can shave four seconds off of every call.

Q: We understand there will be an emergency medical triage room. What is that?

A: A triage room is an area designed to triage and treat a walk-in patient. The current Fire Station 2 only has a small lobby where patients can be assessed. The new plans include a separate room where walk-in patients can be assessed and treated in a more private setting.

Q: What will the new station cost, and how will it be paid for?

A: We’ve budgeted $6 million for this project and that will be for the construction and the other components that aren’t typically part of construction — the furniture, fixtures and equipment. Funding comes from the 2017 Capital Improvements Sales Tax which was approved by the Capital Improvements Project Advisory Board and City Council.

Q: How many people will be stationed there?

A: It will accommodate up to 10 people. The current station has four personnel and they’ll be moved to the new station. In the future, if we need more than four personnel there we have the facilities already in place. This allows for flexibility for the future growth of the city.

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