Edmond’s Disappearing Circus

Edmond Circus

Hurry, hurry, hurry—you don’t want to miss the closing act of this amazing show, right here in Edmond, Oklahoma!

Between 1943 and 1976, it wasn’t uncommon to see giraffes and llamas grazing in the fields along Kelly. Edmond was the off-season sheltering grounds for two traveling circuses. Both were managed by Edmond college graduate, Howard Suesz. He first started the Clyde Brothers Circus, featuring indoor acts, and he later added the Hagen Brothers Circus as an outdoor tent act.

Something about being a circus town seems oddly out of sync with the perceptions of early Edmond—the pioneer town focused upon religion and college-level education. Perhaps Edmond’s obscure role as a circus town is fascinating because circuses have fallen out of favor. Or maybe it’s the knowledge that hidden remnants of the circus yard still exist along a heavily-trafficked street in Edmond.

But truly, why wouldn’t Edmond–a place that hosted a circuit of famous opera singers in the 1920s and was home to an Olympic gymnast in the 1980s–also be an entertain