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Steve Yandell has been dealing with pain all his life. It began as a child, when he developed lower back pain.
“Chiropractic care was the only thing that could get rid of it,” he said.

As an adult, he’s paying back. He’s had his chiropractic office in his hometown of Edmond for 19 years now. During that time, he’s treated thousands of patients, including many who had problems with spinal pain. Until a few years ago, he relied on his bare hands and observation to diagnose his patients.

“I would use touch, movement, motion palpation and x-rays to determine the problem,” Yandell said.

But thanks to NASA and an enterprising Pittsburgh bridge engineer, he now has a quicker, more efficient way of finding the problem. The Pro-Adjuster checks the frequency of the vertebrae in a person’s spine and allows the doctor to find the problem.

“This machine was developed to check the frequency of rivets in the space shuttle,” Yandell said. “Every time the space shuttle would come back from a mission, NASA would have to check every rivet to see if it needed replaced. This machine allows them to do that much quicker.”

The same concept holds true for the bolts in a bridge, Yandell explained. A Pittsburgh engineer was using a machine based on NASA’s concept to check the bolts in bridges to see which ones needed to be replaced.

“He went to his chiropractor’s office with the machine and asked if it could check the frequency of vertebrae,” Yandell said.

The Pro-Adjuster took hold for chiropractic uses in the Eastern United States first. When Yandell bought his machine in December last year, he was the only chiropractor in the state to own one. He said now there are seven doctors using the machine.

“It’s increased my business maybe 5 to 6 percent,” he said. “The amazing part is that a full 90 percent of my patients prefer the machine. The Pro-Adjuster is 100 percent pain free and 100 percent accurate. The results have been amazing! We expect a miracle a day now. Children absolutely love the machine, as does my elderly patients.”

Come join the fun underwater and experience the thrill of Scuba diving. Frank’s Underwater Sports and Travel store in Edmond has been taking families, friends and honeymooners around the world to experience the underwater world since 1955. They have a simple four-step approach to prepare you for your safe fun scuba and snorkeling experience:
You will have the knowledge, equipment, scuba and snorkeling skills and plenty of practice to develop your safe scuba experience. Frank’s will make scuba easy for you with their interactive classroom and open water dive simulator. You can purchase everything you will need to equip yourself for scuba diving and snorkeling classes. Then on to the ocean or local dive site to gain more experience with your new knowledge of safe scuba with Frank’s experienced instructors.
Owners Frank and Karen Campbell said the store has something to offer everyone interested in Scuba diving, from people who’ve never put on fins to old salts who have been diving for years.

“We’re the oldest and most complete full-service scuba diving and dive-travel facility in Oklahoma,” Campbell said. “We really offer an endless array of choices of scuba diving equipment, exotic year-round travel packages, certification schedules, and classes on all facets of the diving universe.”

Founded in 1955, Frank’s Underwater Sports and Travel features a staff of certified professionals who can offer instruction and SSI certification classes.

“We’ll ensure that you have the skills and confidence to dive safely,” Campbell said.

As the name implies, customers also can book vacations at the same time they’re buying a new snorkel. Campbell said, “Our vacations are fun, and a convenient way to enjoy scuba trips all over the world. We do all the work while you have all the fun.”

He said his travel department and tour conductors/instructors are constantly working on the details of each trip to make sure customers have a great time. They’re currently booking several summer trips to Cozumel, Mexico, Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Belize and Galapagos Islands and other diving destinations.

For more information about classes, equipment or an exciting scuba vacation, call the store at 478-0040.

If the guy in the cell phone commercials asks, “Can you hear me now?” and you have to ask someone what he said, maybe you should consider a visit to Fine Hearing Care.

“There are many adults who know their hearing is less than perfect,” said Kris Watson, owner and lead audiologist of Fine Hearing Care. “Excessive noise exposure is one of the more common causes of hearing loss. One out of two people over the age of 50 have difficulty understanding what people say in noisy situations.”

And, while it may be nice to be able to tune out the kids, or even a spouse, sometimes, poor hearing isn’t something most people want to live with. That was the case with Lon Dehnert, one of Watson’s patients who also happens to be chorale director for the University of Central Oklahoma.

“He knows his ears have suffered abuse from sound over the years,” Watson said. “He discovered he had some permanent hearing loss in 1997. Despite the importance of sound in his life he couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it until recently.”

Dehnert is now using an Oticon Delta 8000 hearing device. Watson and his staff conducted the screenings and helped fit Dehnert with his device. ““People don’t know I have them on unless I show them, but they have already made a huge difference in my life,” Dehnert said.

Valerie Becknell, office manager for Fine Hearing Care, said the Delta is becoming increasingly popular. “It is an open-ear device, which is all the rage right now,” she said. “The hearing aid sits behind the ear and has a clip that fits into the ear. It solves that problem of feeling like you’re hearing things in a barrel that is common with other hearing aids. It’s pretty darn cool.”

May is Better Hearing Month at Fine Hearing Care. Becknell said the clinic is offering free hearing checks to celebrate.
“Just call for an appointment,” she said. “Better hearing really is just a phone call away.”
For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Becknell at 340-9191.

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