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Jason Block was a teenage athlete when he found himself sidelined with a traumatic injury and seeking chiropractic care for the first time. Through the years, he continued to participate in competitive sports, enduring a wide variety of injuries, requiring regular treatments. Block got great results from the chiropractic care he received and believes his positive experience is what led him to the industry. He also credits chiropractic care as the sole reason he is standing straight today.

With a degree in Business Administration, Block began his career as a database engineer. A few years later, his desire to help people led him to change careers and to the Parker College of Chiropractic, where he graduated Magna Cum Lade.

"I love to help people. ..Patients come in after trying so many avenues to help with their problems that they come to our office desperate and disbelieving that anything can ease their pain," said Block. "It is amazing to see hope coming back to a person."

Block opened his practice in November and has been helping ease pain on a daily basis ever since. He offers traditional chiropractic care as well as physiotherapy, acupuncture and needle-less electro-acupuncture to treat his patients.

"Some of the most amazing stories are the results that people are seeing with the new, needle-less electro-acupuncture." Block said.

Block said that although the benefits of electro-acupuncture are tremendous, many people reject it because they are afraid of needles. In traditional acupuncture needles are applied to specific areas, conducting a flow of energy to areas of the body where there is an energy imbalance. While such treatments proved beneficial, they were often timely and uncomfortable.

The modern-day needle-less acupuncture treatments read the body's energy levels while treating the body's deficiencies. The method uses no needles and is painless, and treatment takes approximately two minutes. Electro-acupuncture is successful in treating such ailments as: headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and fertility problems.

Block's patient J.R. has experienced good results with acupuncture. "I've had migraines my entire life. Dr. Block started doing acupuncture and it completely took my migraines away," said J.R. "I walked in with a migraine and walked out feeling 100 percent better."

C.C. tried acupuncture as a last resort after being referred for surgery due to bulging and herniated discs. "After 5 visits…No Pain!" said C.C. "I've stayed with the care and have no signs of pain. My strength returned and the pain never did."

According to Block, chiropractic care can also help with physical symptoms of day to day stress including fatigue, digestive problems and insomnia. Active Care also offers massage, rehabilitation and nutritional counseling. The staff includes Dr. Block, chiropractic assistant, Katy Igarta and certified massage therapist, Lori Nickel.

Dr. Block and his wife, Janna have been married for six years and are new to Edmond. For more information about chiropractic care, call Dr. Jason Block at 478-1507.

Image Catering

What started as a side project has now grown into a catering company with more than twenty employees.

Curtis Bramlett, co-owner, remembers one catering job very well. "Right in the middle of a PGA Tour catering job, all the power goes out in the VIP tent. No one knew what to do. As a country boy from Medford, Oklahoma, I learned to fix many things. So, I decided to see if I could help. Sure enough, I realized the problem was a clogged filter, fixed it, and saved the day. They were very impressed and renewed their catering contract for two more years."

Image Catering, co-owned by Curtis Bramlett, Beau Stephenson, and Gary Johnson, has been in business over three years. As an instructor for Platt College, a local church approached Bramlett and asked if he would be interested in catering their weekly dinners. He jumped at the opportunity and the jobs just grew from there. The company cooked out of the church kitchen for the first two years then moved into the Le Cep Bistro annex.

"Word of mouth has been great for us. People use our services and come back for more," said Stephenson. "They tell their friends and those customers come back for more, too."

Bramlett attended the French Culinary Institute and was a chef in New York for six and a half years before moving back to his native Oklahoma. He also owns Le Cep Bistro. Stephenson attended Le Cordon Bleu Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. He owns Bin 73. Johnson is the owner of Classics.

While both chefs attended French institutes, their catering menu offers choices from many different food genres. Image Catering would be honored to cater your next event. They offer sandwich trays, freshly made paninis, pasta salads and much more.

"The great thing about Image Catering is that we can take your budget, and work backwards. Tell us how much you want to spend and we will come up with a fabulous meal that meets your needs. We have everything from crab cakes to steak au poivre," said Cassie Post, marketing director.

Image Catering also offers cooking classes. While the "devoted" prospective chef can partake in a hands-on eight week cooking course, complete with chef coat and knife set, the "curious" prospective chef can watch and enjoy a one-hour demonstration. The prospective chefs learn to prepare classic cuisine, meats and salads and how to pair the right wine with the right dish.

The owners of Image Catering plan to open a new restaurant soon. The type of food that will be served has yet to be decided, although Bramlett and Stephenson mentioned they both like Latin influenced cuisine.

For more information about catering your next event or to join a cooking class please call Image Catering at 285-6129.


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