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Making good on that New Year’s resolution just got easier for Edmond’s senior adult population. Working out in style – and having fun at it – have always been common elements at local Jazzercise facilities, but the franchise now offers a new program oriented toward the 55-plus demographic. Offered through the Edmond Senior Center at Mitch Park’s Multi-Activity Center (MAC), classes are adapted to focus on balance and coordination as integral challenges to staying physically fit.

“It’s not about being a size two. It’s about being in good health and keeping active,” says certified instructor Stacy Bozarth. She owns Edmond’s only Jazzercise Center but commutes twice a week to instruct the MAC class. The program combines exercise physiology and concepts of kinesiology and pilates, occasionally blending it with jazz dance, but features low-impact routines fitting of the age group.

In contrast to normal Jazzercise routines, participants stay on their feet throughout the hour-long session known as “Jazzercise Lite,” Thirty-five minutes of cardio are followed by stretching exercises and strength training, all to the cheery beat of both swing music and top-ten radio hits.

“The ‘Great Balls of Fire’ routine gets them moving, and we just modify it from the regular version. If you’ve ever danced or ever wanted to, this is the program for you,” says Bozarth.

Jazzercise receives five training DVDs a year from corporate with dance moves reviewed by a staff physiologist, which ensures consistency in terminology and style of movement. Visitors from other states who come to work out while on vacation adjust easily to the change of location, as the program follows national guidelines.

Bozarth puts a real-life spin on her classes by including topics like body mechanics for the elderly and the practical aspects of bending and lifting with changed bone density, in addition to more focused subjects like hormone management and cardiac health as affected by regular physical activity.

Bozarth encourages students who may initially feel awkward to give it a try. “There are no mirrors in the center. Nobody is watching you, and you’re not watching anyone else.”

The MAC provides weights and resistance tubes to participants, who are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated during the workout. Rather than squeezing into a leotard and fuzzy legwarmers, Bozarth suggests oversized tee shirts with comfortable pants and support-type shoes.

Classes are currently offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15 pm, and cost $25 a month or $5 per session. Bozarth also looks forward to opening a new Friday afternoon class soon.

For more information about Jazzercise Lite, visit the Senior Center page online athttp://www.edmondok.com/recreation/senior_center/senior_weekly.html, or call (405) 359-8088.


Exercise and nutrition are components of any healthy lifestyle, but keeping those good habits as we age can present a major challenge. Between career, family, and life transitions, babyboomers struggle to maintain the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Club 50 Fitness Center could be the push one needs to stay active without the intimidation that is all too typical of other gyms.

“We’re not for body builders, marathon runners, or aspiring models, but we may just be for you,” said local owner, Barbara Teague.

As a former practicing certified medical assistant, Teague noticed that many middle-aged patients were suffering from many of the preventable complications associated with obesity and sedentary life styles; such as high blood pressure, joint pain, and diabetes. She started researching available options and opened the center as an alternative for the 40-plus adults who need to become more physically in-shape. This is for people who want to have a healthier lifestyle and stay active.

Unlike larger facilities, Club 50 caters to an age 40-plus population. Members are finding other others who have similar situations as themselves and are enjoying the camaraderie. “You can come here and not feel intimidated,” said Teague. “You don’t have to worry about operating the equipment or not being in shape. Couples enjoy working out together because they hold each other accountable. Singles enjoy coming because they are meeting new people and enjoy working out together.”

The center offers low-impact hydraulic equipment with six settings that will accommodate any level of fitness. “Our machines are based on the principal that the faster you move them, the more resistance they offer,” said Teague. “It is an easy-to-follow, 30-minute, low-impact workout.”

“It takes the guesswork out of going to the gym. You’re not going to spend an hour wandering around trying to figure out which muscle group to work or how to use one of the machines,” said Teague. “Our staff ensures you are using the proper form and monitors heart rates. We give a lot of personal one-on-one attention.”

Teague also hopes to offer yoga and tai-chi classes within the next year.

Club 50 offers a Fitness and Nutrition program plus a Fitness only program. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are part of the fitness and nutrition program geared toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Also included are weekly consultation meetings to review diet logs, weekly weigh-ins and periodic assessment of body fat and measurements. “Our focus is on preventative health and wellness,” said Teague.

Energy runs high at Club 50, and music from the 1950s, 60s and 70s keeps members in their element.

Edmond is Oklahoma’s first Club 50 franchise. “It’s a place for us,” says Teague.

Club 50 Fitness Center is located at 3329 S. Boulevard. For more information, call (405) 348-2121 or visit http://www.club50fitness.com/ok0027.

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