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Jay Dawes, 180 Center for Health and Performance

•    Masters in Health/Human Performance – OSU; pursing doctorate in Exercise Science
•    NSCA, ACE, ACSM, USAW Certified
•    Author, Books/Videos – 5 instructional videos and “101 Games for Conditioning Athletes”
•    Editor for the Strength and Conditioning Journal’s One-on-One Column.
•    Interviews by Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, Consumers Digest as fitness expert.
•    Married to April, father to daughters Gabrielle, three years old, and Addison, one year.
•    Has run three marathons and hopes to run more.  

From an Overweight Child to a Nationally Recognized Fitness Expert

As a chubby seventh grader, Jay Dawes was cut from his junior high baseball team. Moments like this tend to be remembered.  And while such incidents are not unique to most of us, and normally heal over time, they are painful. And, it may have actually been the pivotal point that led Dawes to delve into the world of health and fitness.

“At the time I was devastated. All my friends made the team except for me. However, I was bound and determined to prove to myself and everyone else I was good enough to play.  I started studying about strength training and nutrition and the next year was the starting pitcher and third baseman for our 8th grade team. After that I was sold on the benefits of strength training and eating a well balanced diet.”

Dawes beat the odds. After high school Dawes even went on to play collegiate baseball, earning a scholarship to St. Gregory’s College and later played at The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.  After his baseball career ended, due to an injury, Dawes realized the profound difference improving his health and fitness level had made on his life. He developed a desire and passion to help others realize their health and fitness goals, while improving their overall quality of life.

“After my injury people began asking my advice on how to get in better shape," said Dawes. "After they told me about the amazing results they were getting, based on my recommendations, I realized this is what I was called to do!”

180 Degree Turn Around

Not only did Dawes recover from his injury, he also uncovered what would become his vocation and life’s passion. After serving as USAO’s assistant softball/strength coach and physical fitness coordinator for two years, he earned a Master’s degree in Health and Human Performance from Oklahoma State University and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Exercise Science. What was once considered his Achilles’ heel eventually propelled Dawes to launch an impressive career, affording him many unique opportunities and the chance to help transform the lives of others.

Dawes’ experiences have brought him credibility as an expert in the health and fitness industry and have led him to serve in such positions as the state director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association and as the strength coach for the USA Men’s Paralymic Sit Volleyball Team.   He has also authored a book on a revolutionary way to train and condition athletes, developed numerous fitness training videos and will soon travel to Monterey, California to provide his expertise in the development of the most respected personal training certifications in the world, the NSCA-CPT.

One could call this transformation a “180 degree turnaround.”  Dawes opened a personal training facility in 2003 and named it “180” (pronounced one-eighty) to symbolize the transformation that takes place when clients take their life a new direction, and to recognize his commitment to providing the fitness industry with innovative training solutions.

Dawes’ training facility started out as a 1,000 square foot private training space and has recently been expanded to a 6,300 square foot training studio offering private personal training, specialized group training, athletic development, speed and agility courses, nutrition education, and seminars for both the public and fitness community.

Training Experts

Edmond is home to many excellent facilities in the area, but Dawes believes his experiences and the expertise of his staff sets 180 degrees apart from other gyms. While each of his trainers have an extensive amount of education and expertise, Dawes believes it is the passion to help others achieve their goals that is the driving force that has brought success to the gym and each trainer.

“We are truly invested in each client and their needs and goals.  We take a very personal and active role in training our clients. We are doing what we love to do and it shows.” Dawes added.

Dawes’ staff includes Chris Crawford, Lynsey Dalvine, Zach Benear, and Karen Meyers. Crawford and Dalvine have been with Dawes for many years and hold fitness-related Master’s degrees and Meyers is a registered dietitian and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition.

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