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Boutique de Beverly Hills

Kitty Curry began her career as an American Art Dealer more than twenty-five years ago in San Francisco. Through the years, she filled her family's 25-room stone mansion with a large amount of antiques and collectibles, eventually trading at various shows throughout the country. She grew to love art, antiques and all works of beauty.

Fast forward to 1994. Curry and her family moved to Oklahoma bringing a bit of Hollywood with them. Today, she and daughter, Kitty Whitt, own and operate Boutique de Beverly Hills, a quaint shop brimming with antiques, Indian art, bronzes and more, located in the Marketplace shopping center at 3331 South Boulevard.

Take a stroll inside the boutique and you’ll find a little bit of that California glamour everywhere. In the couture items. The artifacts. The original paintings.

Perhaps most glamorous of all is the one-of-a-kind jewelry that fills every nook and cranny of the over-sized jewelry cases. Hand made by Curry herself, these unique pieces are true works of art and as is expressed in their trademarked motto “Where do you hang your art?”

It was only three years ago when Curry first began to dabble in jewelry design. Starting with very simple necklaces made of turquoise, Curry adds a charm and a bit of whimsy, combining colorful gemstones with unique natural stones in a rainbow of color and a wide array of shapes.

“I am inspired by the colors in nature, like under the ocean. For gemstones I love citrine, peridot and amethyst. The most rare and unusual stones I love are the Peruvian Blue Opals from high in the Andes Mountains,” Curry said. “I also really like shells and make lots of necklaces from rare shells like Spiny Oyster.”

Curry’s husband came up with a term to describe Curry’s style of taking simple, “normal” jewelry and adding out-of-the-ordinary stones in a haphazard way, fashioning them into "hangable art." He calls it “The Recklace Necklace”, the name Curry adopted for her designs long before she opened the shop. The Recklace Necklace has clients throughout the country.

Curry's work is unique and has become so popular that she has been featured in such publications as Bead Style Magazine.

Not only did Curry unearth a god-given talent when she began designing; she also discovered a spirituality with nature and a connection with the stones she brings to life in her jewelry. And while her talents have brought her many new customers, new friends and accolades, the very stones that bring her pleasure are costly. According to Curry, the stones can be so expensive that her husband’s greatest hope is that she will sell them all before they die.
Kitty Curry says she was drawn to the beads like a “moth to a flame.” But, the flame became a towering inferno when her husband found out how much her new hobby cost. So, Curry only hopes to be able to someday repay her husband for his generous gift of beads.

Thai Basil
“Add a little spice to your life” is the slogan Thai Basil has adopted for their family-run restaurant. And while the sentiment is catchy, it’s not the only message owner Sammie Tan wants the public to know about the authentic cuisine served in her restaurant.

In fact, Tan said many people are under the misconception that all Thailand cuisine is very spicy. Before you pass on these unique ethnic flavors, Tan hopes folks will give Thai Basil a try.

“People tend to think of Thai food as very hot. We make everything mild but can also make your mouth burn if that’s what you want!” Tan said. “Thai food is more flavorful…a blend of flavors that are all mixed in together.”

More and more people are discovering Thai cuisine, as is evident during the lunch hour. While the restaurant is only two years old, 95% of the diners are repeat customers. Many of them make weekly, sometimes even daily visits to indulge in their favorite tastes.

Prior to opening in Edmond, Tan and her mother, Venna Lindsey, worked in the family-operated restaurant, Thai Kitchen, in downtown Oklahoma City. After a 10-year hiatus from the restaurant business, they opened the Edmond restaurant.

The family came to the United States from Bangkok, Thailand, and after 21 years here, they consider Oklahoma home. They also think of the kitchen as their home away from home.

“I love cooking. My mom was in the business so it has always been a part of my life,” Tan said. “I guess the call of food couldn’t be helped!”

Lindsey agrees. “I just love it! I love to see my customers' faces when they are enjoying their food. It makes it all worthwhile when they tell me they love the food,” Lindsey said. “I feel like my customers are my family.”

Not only did many of their former Thai Kitchen customers follow them to their new restaurant, so did the recipes. The recipes have caused some devoted customers to travel from as far as Enid to enjoy their favorite Thai Basil dish.

One of the favorites on the menu is the "Thai Basil Pad Thai." Considered their signature dish, this concoction of rice noodles tossed with chicken, eggs, cabbage, scallions, bean sprouts, carrots and peanuts is delicious. A close second among the favorites is the old fashioned "Pad Thai." It is served traditional style and is seasoned with the sweeter flavors of tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce. Other favorite menu items include "Thai Basil Classic" and the "Crab Spring rolls."

Customers love the restaurant with its large portions and tasty homemade dishes, but Tan believes it’s the friendly customer service that keeps them coming back.

“I always try to visit with every customer to make sure everyone enjoys their food. People feel relaxed here and enjoy the good atmosphere and the authentic décor," Tan said. "We love it when customers stop in just to say hello. It's like family.”.

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