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Ron's Hamburgers

There is nothing like a hot, juicy, cheeseburger, overflowing with favorites like pickles, onions or chili with a pile of fresh cut French fries on the side and an ice cold beverage to wash it all down. Jimmy Buffet has it right when he sings, "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

Chris Tucker, owner and operator of Ron's Hamburgers and Chili, located at the corner of 2nd and Santa Fe, would agree and also tell you the importance of having a consistent, quality product.

"In the restaurant business, you have to have it all. That is, a strong ‘back of the house' in your cooks and kitchen crew, and a nice, pleasant serving crew," Tucker said. "I've always said that Ron's is a five star burger joint."

Tucker understands that with most customers you only have one shot to get it right with the combination of food and service. He should know; he has been in the food industry for over thirty years.

"It's a difficult business. Your key is having good employees, because if you don't have good employees, you don't have a good product and you don't have good service," he said.

A crowd favorite is the sausage, chili cheeseburger. It starts with a patty made up of half Owens sausage and half beef. It is served on a bun with mustard and onions, then covered with a spice based chili.

"It's wonderful, we try our best to do it right," Tucker said. "Usually, when we get a new customer, we will see them back within two days."

There are a couple of standards that you will always find at Ron's. Only the freshest, local meats are used. Each day, fresh cut potatoes are used for the fries and the trans-fat free grease is replaced.

"People come here for a great hamburger. I figure that there is no reason to