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Like most dads, Don Booher considers having raised three beautiful daughters to be his greatest success. As a self-employed master landscape planner, determining his second greatest success might prove to be tricky.

His next best accomplishment might be the Fairfax Golf Course that he designed.  Or, perhaps it’s the work he did as director of Edmond’s Park and Recreation Department. Although, since opening his landscape design company in 1996, Booher sees success in every creative design, every completed project and every satisfied client. Yes, his greatest design success may still be yet to come.

Booher studied Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University and has spent the many years since perfecting the art of bringing the elements of design to life in the landscapes he creates.  Many trends have come and gone through the years, but Booher believes classic design is timeless and for design to work, it must meet the needs and personality of the homeowner.  

According to Booher, there is a growing trend among homeowners to invest more and more time and money into their outdoor space, bringing the indoors out, so to speak.

“Backyards have great potential to become outdoor rooms.  They can be neat, colorful, easy to maintain, and a fabulous retreat where family and friends can be entertained,” said Booher.

He explained that a backyard could be a multifunctional space in which plants take their place alongside areas to dine or entertain.

“There can be a place for workouts or a quiet area to read,” said Booher. “Within the yard can be all kinds of accents and focal points accented with ornaments, secret gardens, water features, built in grills, or statuaries.”

When the sun retreats and the stars come out, just-right touches can create magic. “Lighting effects can transform the entire area by down-lighting pathways for a dapple look, lighting water features to create dancing light along walls or shifting shadow patterns by up-lighting plants,” Booher added.

Owners have come to understand the importance of excellence in aesthetics and technical design. Creating ambiance and setting the perfect tone for outdoor spaces is an art that requires expertise from a master planner.  Booher explained that having a master plan allows clients flexibility that could allow them to spread out their total design to be completed over a few seasons, helping them to better budget the project.

  In addition, Booher said with proper landscape design, planners work to establish harmony with the surroundings, ensuring that future improvements blend and fit the site.

“Far too many times in an established landscape, patios may be too small for entertaining. Views and screening may need to be considered. Circulation and storage areas may be inadequate yet there are features that clients want to add such as pools, fireplaces, outdoor rooms, cooking areas, and shelters. Somehow the current design needs to work with the future designs being considered,’ he explained. “It is so important that all of these elements work together, not only visually but also functionally.”                 

These days, saving money is smart. Yet, when considering a key element in a landscape project, turning it over to a friend or relative, can be risky and in the end, more expensive.

“I’m surprised when a property owner will turn an important element of a project over to a relative, friend or acquaintance. I have actually seen a swimming pool, outlined with a stick in dirt and approved by the owner,” Booher said. “ To me that's like saying, "I think I'll buy a car tonight, call [a friend] and have him send me one."

For expert landscape design call Don at 844-2244.

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