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The daily grind can put the human body and mind into a stressful state.  Modern technology can cause Blackberry overload and Google panic before 5 p.m.   rolls around, but take heart – there are many ways local businesses can help you reduce your stress level.

Dr. Jason Block, of Active Care Chiropractic says stress comes from internal and external sources. “You can get stress from outside influence, but you can also have stress from pain issues that your body is trying to deal with on a daily basis,” said Block. “If you’re having internal problems, misalignments, problems with nervous systems etc…, your body can be overworked.  Add external stressors on top of that and major physical issues can appear.”  Block sees such stressors manifest within patients as muscle tightness, pain, headaches and fatigue.

Block helps alleviate a patient’s stress by identifying parts of the nervous system, such as the spine or peripheral nerves, where unnecessary pressure may exist. “We will remove the pressure on those nerves to increase the nerve function,” he said.  By reducing internal stressors patients can handle external stressors more effectively.

Acupuncture techniques also relieve stress by releasing tightness in the body. According to Dr. Karen Mahlmeister, you can get the same results with typical acupuncture versus machine acupuncture. Dr. Karen’s Wellness Center utilizes a gentle machine for acupuncture, achieving the same stress-relieving effects without piercing the skin. “It works wonderful, and will help release stress from the body,” she said.

Mahlmeister said that making simple changes to reduce the impact on your body can go a long way to eliminate pain.  She tells patients to be aware of their work setting and posture and avoid carrying overloaded bags.   She also warns against year-round flip flop usage.

“People who wear flip flops can suffer, especially kids – your foot’s natural arch causes you to drag your feet to hold the shoe on, and your arch starts to fall. Young children can develop early arthritis and adults can see problems with knee and lower back pain.”

Massage Therapist Nicole Powers sees the effects of daily stress melt away when she treats clients at Red Door Remedy. “We customize massages to tailor fit each of our clients. We help alleviate stress, pain, any form of injury, different alignments – we do it all,” she said.

A quality massage is great for everything from headaches, to sciatic pain, to what Powers’ terms ‘the mouse muscle’ … where you sit all day tinkering with your computer mouse until pain between your shoulders starts to sting your back.
“It relieves internal and external stress because you get to come in, and have an hour to yourself.” said Powers. “Part of our job is to let their bodies tell us what they need.  I take snoring, drooling, and moaning all as signs of little successes. “

Larry Rhoads and his family aim to help couples in need of stress relief.  As owners of Two Hearts Inn Bed and Breakfast, they hold the key to 6 luxury suites, each themed for a romantic retreat. “Sometimes a big part of getting away is all the logistics of the trip and the travel, not to mention the expense of all that. If you’re really wanting to have a stress-free getaway, it’s much better to drive a few miles across town and check into a luxury environment where you are not going to have any stresses that you might have otherwise.”

“I think when people have a lot of stress going on in their lives, particularly in their relationships, it spills over into every part of their lives,” he said. “We focus on the three Rs here – Renew, Rekindle, and Relax – because to be able to have a timeout to focus on their relationship, is one of the best stress reducers.” 

For more information on relieving stress contact Active Care Chiropractic at 478-1507; Dr. Karen’s Wellness Center, 330-8745; Red Door Remedy 340-0400 or Two Hearts Inn Bed and Breakfast, 715-2525.

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