Edmond Going to the Dogs?

The long-awaited opening of the Edmond Dog Park last month was not just cause for celebration for the area’s thousands of dog owners. A growing number of successful dog-oriented business owners are thrilled at the community’s commitment to dogs. The owners say Edmond is one of the most accepting cities in Oklahoma when it comes to pampering, nurturing and catering to the needs of dogs and the people who love them.

From doggie day care facilities and gourmet dog bakeries to self-serve dog wash facilities, doggie spas and vacation retreats, the Edmond area has everything and anything a caring dog owner could imagine.

“Edmond has it all and is continuing to add more and more for dog owners and pet owners of all kinds,” said Cris Carey, owner and proprietor of Carey Pet and Home Care.

“The people of Edmond are some of those who long ago began to understand that dogs need to be pampered and nurtured and cared for on an individual basis.”

Specializing in home care as well as pet care, Carey offers her clients individualized services to address all their home care and pet care needs. Bonded and licensed through one of the nation’s most respected pet care organizations, she provides her clients with the comfort and satisfaction of knowing they have placed their home and their pet(s) in the hands of someone they can trust.

Another area business that offers pets the chance to stay at home and still receive care when the “owner” is away is Cat ‘N’ Canine. Cat ‘N’ Canine is committed to the premise that “dogs do better at home” than in a kennel atmosphere.

Based on that belief, for the past 15 months they have focused their attention on providing in-home sitting services to pet owners, on the premise that it offers owners the satisfaction that their “children”