Edmond Family Values

Every parent often looks for ways to instill values, morals, and ethics within their children. Some go to church and look to the Bible for inspiration, while others volunteer locally as a family to give back. Some do both. In fact, in today’s high-paced society, even the opportunity to eat a family meal together can present an opportune moment to teach
our youth.

Karen and Keith McGinty, of Edmond, are the proud parents of four adopted children from China. Their family shares the same goal to create bright, educated, and morally-aware youth that serve for a better tomorrow – just as many other Edmond families strive for.

Recently, the McGintys were quoted in the national magazine, Family Circle, honoring their volunteer work and showcasing their techniques for instilling great educational values academically and morally.

Karen says her children are what inspired her to initially volunteer her time with a worldwide volunteer group that works closely with orphaned or impoverished children. “When I adopted my girls from China I realized how many children there actually need help, then I decided to join Love Without Boundaries,” she says.

Keith, who is also a volunteer in his spare time, says there are certain things that he and Karen do to ensure their children are raised in a safe and educational environment. “One thing that is very important to us is limiting our children from outside influences and external pressures,” Keith says. “We also want to instill biblical values into them at an early age as well. So getting them involved in community service at a young age is important to us.”

Karen says they manage their time very precisely and it helps that they homeschool their children; otherwise, they might not be able to give some of their services. “We mostly volunteer during the day and homeschooling our children helps us accomplish our goals,” she says.

“The kids and I volunteer our time to take deliverable meals to people who volunteer at the Foodbank,” says Karen. “So it’s not like they have to go around the world to volunteer their time; you can just look for
opportunities here.”

The family’s main objective in volunteering side by side with their children is primarily to make them aware that there is a whole world outside the Edmond city limit, so it’s important to help others. To them, the volunteer experiences and larger awareness outside of themselves, is what helps their children learn why it is important to give back to the community, both here and abroad.

Karen says it is very important to make your children aware that it isn’t all about them sometimes. “The aspect of broadening their horizons will help them understand that there are many other people in this world who also need help,” she said.

“I think the world our children live in makes it hard for them to realize that it’s not all about them. The world doesn’t revolve around them,” Keith says. “It is important for them to understand how blessed they really are and ultimately the kids would be a lot better off learning these morals about giving back to others.”

To find out more information on volunteering or donating to Love Without Boundaries, please visit www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

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