Dunford Pools

For some, cooler weather and swimming pool installation might not go hand in hand, but homeowners who plan construction this fall will be ready for a dip in their new pool at the first sign of summer.

“A lot of people wait for spring, when it starts getting hot out, and it’s always a rush to get it done so they can enjoy the pool,” said David Dunford, owner of Dunford Pools, a custom pool and spa company based in Edmond. He added that the installation time, from design to completion, is typically about six to eight weeks — and that’s with optimal weather.

In addition to residential work, Dunford constructs many community pools, which can see hundreds of swimmers a season. With every project — big or small — safety is always a top concern. The business owner holds up-to-date certifications that focus on swimmers’ safety and minimizing or eliminating potential hazards, and Dunford ensures high-quality construction materials and top-notch workmanship every time.

What else makes Dunford Pools unique? Customers rave about the low-maintenance upkeep of their pools because the company plans for efficiency. The company even provides a weekly maintenance service for customers in the greater Oklahoma City area. And, with other pool companies, you might deal with a manager, superintendent and/or salesperson throughout the pool installation process; but with Dunford Pools, you’ve got the business owner’s guidance from start