Dunford Pools

For some, cooler weather and swimming pool installation might not go hand in hand, but homeowners who plan construction this fall will be ready for a dip in their new pool at the first sign of summer.

“A lot of people wait for spring, when it starts getting hot out, and it’s always a rush to get it done so they can enjoy the pool,” said David Dunford, owner of Dunford Pools, a custom pool and spa company based in Edmond. He added that the installation time, from design to completion, is typically about six to eight weeks — and that’s with optimal weather.

In addition to residential work, Dunford constructs many community pools, which can see hundreds of swimmers a season. With every project — big or small — safety is always a top concern. The business owner holds up-to-date certifications that focus on swimmers’ safety and minimizing or eliminating potential hazards, and Dunford ensures high-quality construction materials and top-notch workmanship every time.

What else makes Dunford Pools unique? Customers rave about the low-maintenance upkeep of their pools because the company plans for efficiency. The company even provides a weekly maintenance service for customers in the greater Oklahoma City area. And, with other pool companies, you might deal with a manager, superintendent and/or salesperson throughout the pool installation process; but with Dunford Pools, you’ve got the business owner’s guidance from start to finish.

“I’m the owner and I’m on the job site all the time,” he said. “I’m there from the beginning looking at the backyard, designing the pool and then constructing the pool, and any kind of issues the homeowner may have afterward, those are still handled by me.”

After installation, Dunford gives the customer their owner’s manual, reviews warranties and walks them through the operation and maintenance of their new pool.

With more than 16 years’ experience, Dunford said he enjoys his career’s challenges, which could include tricky elevations that make a backyard nearly unusable. Dunford can design a pool and deck using multiple levels, creating a structure that’s not only safe, but beautiful and functional.

“I’m basically taking a blank canvas and creating a piece of art for their backyard,” he said. “I’m able to give people a product that they’re able to enjoy and share with family and friends, and I just love what I do.”


Visit dunfordpools.com or call (405) 412-2621 to learn more.

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