Downtown Edmond Welcomes Walkable Living Complex

An aqua lounge, yoga studio, ‘bark park’ and communal kitchen are only a few of the features residents can expect from the multifamily complex currently under development in Edmond’s Railyard District.

Led by award-winning developer, Milhaus, the $68 million complex will house 276 units. Its urban design and ample amenities make the development a unique and luxurious option for a wide range of ages and lifestyles.

“We’re excited to be on the forefront of Edmond’s growing downtown population,” said John McGurk, Vice President of Development at Milhaus. “We’ve been fortunate to partner with the City of Edmond to bring the first fully-amenitized, truly walkable multifamily development to downtown. As this project comes to fruition, it is our hope that patronage will increase at nearby retail tenants and boost livability throughout the community.”

Residents can choose from studios, one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments, and enjoy access to communal areas for outdoor eating and entertainment. The pet-friendly complex will also feature a fitness center, lounge, tea and coffee bar and a dog park. Still, the real appeal of this complex is not found in its features, but rather in the lifestyle it lends its residents.

“One requirement for this complex was that it be located in a walkable community,” said David Chapman, Edmond City Councilman and founder of Realty1, LLC. “This means that within a five minute walk, you can find restaurants, bars, haircuts, laundry, entertainment and all the services necessary for daily life.”

A comfortable walk from Edmond’s blossoming food and entertainment scene and a convenient distance from the University of Central Oklahoma and many local businesses, the location offers plenty of play and practicality. Planners also expect the complex to benefit the community as a whole, creating consistent patronage for local vendors like the Edmond Farmer’s Market, Railyard District restaurants and more.

“With the addition of several hundred residents within walking distance, these businesses will receive a huge boost,” Chapman said. “Not to mention the energy that will be brought to the streets with new residents who are engaged and active in our downtown community.”

From the start, this project has been intentionally designed with Edmond’s interest in mind. When developer Matthew Myers purchased the land, he knew he wanted to create a multifamily complex. He also knew not just any partner would do. His care-driven selectivity led him to Milhaus.

“Milhaus is different because they buy the land and do the construction, but instead of reselling it like many others would, they own and manage it themselves,” Chapman explained.
The walkability, extensive amenities and urban-style design are products of Milhaus’ high-end development standards.

Another prerequisite for the project was the implementation of quiet zones which were approved by the city council in the last few years. Now, Edmond residents and future occupants of the development can enjoy peace from the horn-blowing that previously plagued the city.

Edmond has also committed to partner on a parking garage shared by the public and residents of the new complex. Paired with surface parking, the garage will add 377 parking spaces to the area. The development is expected to be complete in 2023.

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