Downtown Edmond Updates

Downtown Edmond Updates

Downtown Edmond Update

I get asked a lot of questions about how projects are progressing in and around downtown. Here’s an update on some of the most frequently asked questions:

Train Quiet Zone

This is an ongoing concern and the number one detriment to development in the downtown Edmond core. The city has hired a consultant to work with the BNSF railroad on the creation of a quiet zone to silence the horns when crossing streets. The consultant did the research and presented a plan to the Edmond City Council nearly a year ago. At that time the city requested a cost proposal from the railroad. After a long quiet time from the railroad, about 90 days ago the railroad said they would have an answer in 60 days. The BNSF has now responded and asked additional questions regarding a few crossings. This is good news when a railroad is in communication with a city. A quiet zone can’t be accomplished without their cooperation. The city’s consultant will now share the answers with the railroad and hopefully the city will finally have an estimate of costs in the next month. Once they have the final costs, a contract will be presented to the city council for discussion. It will take approximately two years to accomplish the work needed to accommodate the quiet zone. This work includes new equipment, road work, and decisions on possible street closures to eliminate some difficult crossings.

Dolese Edmond Plant

Dolese has relocated its Edmond plant and is in the process of cleaning up the property. The property is under contract with local investors likely to close mid-2019. This property, just west of the railroad tracks on First Street, would be the perfect location for a much-needed multifamily housing project.

Progress on Storm Water Drainage in Downtown Edmond

Good news. The work done to date seems to have helped the flooding we normally experience in downtown. Since the work has begun, we have had several very heavy rain events causing flooding in much of the metropolitan area, but to my knowledge there has been no flooding in the downtown Edmond area. We are nearing the end of the project and it has unfortunately taken a toll on downtown Edmond merchants and residents but it is solving a long-term flooding problem and added approximately 55 parking spots.

The Ice House

Known to Edmond citizens as the Ice House, the long empty building on Second Street is owned by developer Chip Fudge. The on-again, off-again project is now on again. Negotiations are currently underway for an easement/lease on some additional property for parking. Once that hurdle is cleared, three restaurant concepts are planned.

The Railway

The Grant Group reports strong pre-leasing on the Railway on First Street between Broadway and the BNSF Railway (23 W. First). With more than 20,000 square feet, construction will commence soon on this former lumber yard, with a mix of restaurants, shops, and an outdoorentertainment venue. Stay tuned for a full update on this project in a future Outlook article.

Dr. J. David Chapman

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