Down on the Farm

providence farmsJennifer Webster’s lifelong plans did not include running a farm. Webster grew up a country girl but her plan included leaving the country life behind for a corporate position in a big city.

But, such as life, circumstances change and now the Edmond resident finds herself mother to three children, six cows, 37 goats and dozens of chickens.

Webster and her husband, Chris, own Providence Farms in north Edmond. The couple homeschool their three children, Ella, Kolten and Justice. On top of that, Jennifer and Chris both hold down full-time jobs to support the family and farm venture.

Webster spends her nights working for the Edmond Police Department as a jailer. She still has dreams of becoming an officer, but as she puts it, with three children and a farm, her life has taken a little bit of a twist.

“The farm is where I feel called to be right now,” she said. “Our farm is named Providence for a reason. We really felt like God led us here. If it hadn’t been for God providing and doing some awesome things, we might not have made it.”

The Websters pride themselves on offering a natural experience at their 25-acre range. The cows and goats are all grass-fed and the chickens receive nongenetically modified grass feed from Ohio and Washing