Dining Guide: The Sushi Bar

“My husband and I have always dreamt of opening a sushi bar in a classy setting in the heart of Edmond,” said Joyce Han. “We started out with tiny Mr. Sushi which served as the first stepping stone in opening this new place. We wanted to establish a good base of clientele and make a name for ourselves before we went ‘big’ and Mr. Sushi certainly helped us achieve just that.”

The Sushi Bar has only been open for a few months, but they’re already seeing a constant flow of new and loyal repeat customers.

The restaurant boasts a wide variety of sushi rolls and an assortment of fresh sashimi. They offer a separate kitchen menu with steak, lamb and duck, all served with an Asian flair. “We provide an intimate and cozy lounge area complete with comfy couches and plasma TVs for those 21 and over,” Han says. “We also have oversized dining tables that will seat big parties comfortably.”

One of the most popular menu items at the Sushi bar is their signature 12-piece OMG Roll, which will feed two to three people and have everyone at the table proclaiming “Oh My Gosh” at the sheer size of the roll. It consists of tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, tempura crunchies, crab, cream cheese stuffed jalapeno and smoked salmon topped with parmesan baked shrimp, tempura crunchies and spicy baked seafood mix.

Other popular rolls include the Captain Crunch, Volcano and Naughty Girl Roll. The Naughty Girl Roll is made fresh with tempura shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo and scallions. The unique String Cheese Roll is made with fried calamari and cream cheese topped with crabstick and sweet sauce.

Party trays are available for all functions and can be customized to fit any need. “You can pick and choose your own sushi rolls or we can customize the trays for you,” said Han.

The Sushi Bar is open seven days a week and located at 1201 NW 178th St. #123 in Edmond. Call 285-8484 for dinner reservations, or stop by for a fresh-take on an elegant lunch.

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