Dining Guide: Chuck House

With a claim like, “home of the best chicken fry in the universe,” you’d expect to find some pretty tasty clucks at Chuck House.

“Chicken fried steak and chicken is 70% of our business,” said Jay Thurber, owner of Chuck House in Edmond. “We use fresh meat – never frozen – and its hand-breaded.”

The chicken fried steak dinner is made with 1/4 pound real beefsteak, breaded with their original steak breading and deep fried. It’s smothered in creamy gravy, served with Texas toast and a choice of french fries, mashed potatoes or a baked potato.

In addition to their chicken fry, Chuck House also makes their ranch and house salad dressings from scratch. “It’s a labor intensive business,” Thurber says. “It’s getting harder and harder to find restaurants that make food from scratch.”

Chuck House is frequently adding new menu items. Thurber says management will often review the menu and try to find 10% that isn’t selling, remove it and add new items to give their customers a variety.

“In the near future we’ll be adding fried green tomatoes and fried pickles,” Thurber said. “We’re experimenting with wraps, such as chicken fried steak or chicken cut into strips. We’re trying different items that we can put in wraps – graded squash is testing really well.”

Other delicious items on the menu include the Fish Platter, Boneless Chicken Strip Dinner, Hickory Burger, B.L.T. and more.

Thurber’s parents started the Chuck House restaurants in the 70’s. After graduating from OSU in the 80’s, he went to work for the family business, “It was going to be temporary, but I found out that I really liked it.” Soon after he began work, his brothers followed suit.

“I enjoy my employees,” Thurber said. “I feel like their job is to put my customers first, and my job is to put my employees first. I get to meet a whole lot of people every day and I enjoy interacting with them and talking with them.”

Stop by Chuck House in Edmond at 700 S. Broadway, or in Oklahoma City at 4430 N.W. 10th St. or at their third location in Midwest City, at 2400 Midwest Blvd.

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