Dave’s Blurb for May 2014

“If you say the word orange slowly enough, it sounds like gullible.” That’s what my granddaughter Aubrey tells me. It’s Wednesday morning and we’re standing around the kitchen waiting on the toaster. Jokes, giggles, chortles (yes, I chortle) and the aroma of toasting bagels fills the air. As we eat, which we also like to do standing up, she updates me on her circle of 10-year-old girlfriends. I’m listening, but I can’t keep straight who’s upset with who and who’s now friends with who—which annoys Aubrey. Heck, it took two seasons of The Good Wife for me to realize the main character’s name is Alicia. I put my bagel down because her speed-talking requires my full attention.

Dave's ToonThis isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve already raised two girls, so I know the drill. Take in as much as you can, engage, agree and advise. Generally the theme is always the same. Friendship, broken friendship, repaired friendship. It must be great being 10.

This little 4th grader gets off the bus at our house everyday after school, has a snack, finishes her homework and plays outside with the neighborhood kids. Just like Norman Rockwell (and I) envisioned it.  And if it’s a Tuesday or a Friday, she stays overnight with Mimi and Papa. She even has her own room and a few chores. She’s like a bonus kid. When it’s not a sleepover night, her mom picks her up on her way home from work —and then it’s just back to my bride and me. Not a bad deal. 

So I relish my Wednesday mornings with Aubrey. It’s that sweet spot of time with no distractions, no TV, no computer. She’s ready for school and we are just together. And yes, I started to slowly mouth the word “orrrrannnnggggg… “ Duh.

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