Dave’s Blurb for June

Fourteen years ago, I made a
decision to move my family halfway across the country from Massachusetts to

It was 1999 and my wife, Sandy,
and I were about to have two new additions to our family. Tragically, Sandy’s
sister was killed in a car accident and we were suddenly guardians of her two
young children—Jessie, age one, and Juston, age five. Sandy and her family are
all from Oklahoma, so we flew out for her sister’s service and arranged legal
matters and then we flew back as a family. Sandy stopped working to be a
full-time mom and we did our best to settle into the everyday life of raising
little ones.

That didn’t last long. I
suddenly found myself laid-off from a great job and with few immediate
prospects. With mortgage payments and a new family to support, we had to make
some big decisions quickly. With our strong family ties to Oklahoma, we decided
to put our house up for sale and start planning our move.

I remember that day well—it was
May 2nd, 1999.

The next day we watched as the
huge tornado ripped through Moore. We were glued to the TV for what seemed like
days. And I remember thinking two things—the chances of that happening there
again are slim and whatever house I buy in Oklahoma will have a storm shelter.

Dave's ComicFourteen years later and I’m
wrong on both counts. As a tornado tracked its way toward our house in
southeast Edmond, I was made painfully aware of my lack of ability to protect
my family. As we hunkered down in our guest bathroom with pillows, pets,
blankets, a flashlight, motorcycle helmets and a first-aid kit, we were
woefully unprepared for possible devastation. My heart sank as we braced for
the worst and listened to Mike Morgan as he named off our neighborhood streets.

Thankfully, it passed us by.
From what I have read, it was only an F2, but it was powerful enough for me to
line up the installation of a storm shelter in my garage.

As for the other misnomer, my
family and I are humbled by the devastation once again visited upon Moore. For
tragic events like these, it truly seems like the only place to be is far from
the path of destruction—and if that can’t happen—be underground.

Dave Miller, Publisher

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