Dave’s Blurb for July

I don’t want to say that my wife
is accident prone, but we do have a saying around the family, “It’s not an
activity unless Sandy gets injured.” And as of late, Sandy’s resting
comfortably with a broken shoulder that she managed to fracture in three places.
How did she do this? Mountain biking? Boot camp at Hafer Park? Riding her cool
little Italian sportbike? No, she injured herself in what some people might
call “the most dangerous of all activities”—she tripped and fell while folding

Dave's CartoonThis is her third week of
recovery, so that puts me in the middle of my second week of taking care of all
the house stuff. I didn’t do anything for a week. Hey, I was in shock too. But
life is slowly returning back to normal…if you call normal doing everything for your spouse.
Chauffeuring, shopping, opening jars, cans, ziplock baggies—it’s all a
challenge unless I’m there to help. The good news is that her shoulder is
getting better and she’s learning to adapt. She’s even mastered eating
left-handed (the learning curve from
fork-to-mouth was quite entertaining)

With all that’s happened, I was
interested to hear her thoughts on activities and risk. I was quite sure she’d
be more wary of potentially dangerous activities and how fragile our bodies
are—nope. She shared her philosophy: If I
can get injured doing laundry, there’s no safety. Might as well go for it. Live
life to the fullest!
Dang. I told her I’d like to hear more, right after I
empty the dryer. And yes, I’ll be careful.

Dave Miller, Publisher

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