DAVE: Real-Life Resolutions

The crew at Back40 Design and Outlook magazine is a resourceful and creative bunch—that is, when there’s plenty of coffee on hand. Even as perfect as we all like to think we are, the new year reminds us to reevaluate our habits and intentions. So we polled the office to see who could nail down their life goals for 2015 in two sentences or less.

Emily writing her resolutionI’ve decided my New Year’s Resolution is to make an appointment to get an annual physical, which I’ve never done, but seems like an easy goal. – Jonathan

I would like to quit smoking in 2015. – Reyna

Get more sleep, exercise regularly and spend more time with family and friends. – Ryan

I’m going to immigrate and marry a Canadian. – Matt M.

I’m going to let things go that don’t make me happy. And maybe paint my kitchen cabinets. – Emily

I’m going to enjoy each day and not sweat the small stuff! – Andrea

I’m going to start using all the fancy unused linens we save for our invisible guests. – Laura

My goal is to have birthday cards ready, and to send them (on time) to all my friends and family for their birthdays. – Matt F.

I want to adopt a healthy hobby and learn how to buy a house! – Jennay

I’ve promised my husband I’ll watch my shopping habits and only buy things I absolutely need. Mostly. Some of the time. Is that sweater seriously 50% off? – Bethany

I want to do something that scares me once every month—something out of my norm that breaks the monotony, be it adventurous, heartfelt, simple or difficult. – Brian

Check back with us in six months to see who is sticking to their plans. In the meantime, I’ll resolve to be less informed but more enlightened. 

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