DAVE: Christmas Memories

What happens during the holidays shouldn’t stay in the holidays! This year, some of the busy elves at Back40 Design and Outlook Magazine took a moment to share their personal Christmas memories. All the while, we recognize that ‘family’ isn’t just who you go home to each evening, but also who you share life with over deadlines, projects and coffee at the office each day.

Matt Flick with children in AfricaPeace Corps

“My favorite Christmas memory occurred when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia. It was our group’s first Christmas there, and a small group of us decided to go camping on the beach. The small group quickly ballooned into 50 volunteers. We made our own stockings out of traditional African fabric we bought at a local market, and each of us had a secret Santa.” – Matt Flick, Web Designer

Middle Child

“Our family laughs because I, the middle child of three girls, didn’t always seem to get as much attention as my sisters. One Christmas I proudly received a doll that wet her diaper when you fed her water. In the Super 8 home movie from that Christmas Day, I can be seen run