DAVE: A Day Off and A Smile

I declared the 24th of this month a holiday of sorts. It’s one of the many perks you have when you have your own company. The holiday I invented – I’m calling it Back40 Founder’s Day. The day honors my late wife Sandy who slipped into the Divine last year on February 24th.

Sandy was my partner in life and business. We started Back40 Design together 17 years ago. Like a lot of husband and wife start-ups we worked long hours, drove long commutes and had long conversations about our fledgling business. I did the creative and she ran the books. We struggled for a few years, got our balance and then things took off.

Starting a business can be daunting. It was for us. Every time I wanted to grow – hire another employee, buy equipment, get a nicer office or take on a project bigger than I should – she would suggest caution. We’d talk it over. Many times I wouldn’t take that action. I trusted her. And she trusted my vision. What a great quality in a marriage – and a business.

Sandy always knew how to have fun. She did that much better than me. So in her honor everyone at Back40 gets Friday the 24th off work. With one stipulation- everyone has to do something fun. Some of the Back40ers’ plans include going to a matinee, going to a day spa and using that Friday for a three day getaway weekend. I’m not sure what I will do on the 24th, but I plan to do my best to spend the day smiling.

Sandy, me & Jessica (our first employee), circa 2000

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