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When customers order a granite countertop from Crowne Kitchen and Bath, CEO Caleb Breer can tell them exactly where the stone came from—and he has probably visited the source himself. Breer travels all over the world and across the U.S. in search of the exotic granite that’s featured in many of Crowne’s installations. A recent trip took him to a quarry in the mountains of Vermont. “Most people don’t think about the fact that stone comes from a mountain,” says Breer. “You’re literally putting a piece of a mountain on your counter.”

Granite countertops used to be a luxury item, but now they’re found in most new homes and remodeling projects. “We can handle any size project from big installations down to $1000 countertops,” says Breer. Advances in technology have made it easier to get the stone out of the ground, driving down the price. 

Crowne takes a unique approach to kitchen and bath construction. As well as sourcing the stone, Breer’s team manages the design and installation, meaning customers can rely on them to handle the whole project from start to finish. “We saw a need in the market to make things a little bit easier for the customer,” says Breer. “Anything we sell, we will install.”

Their efficient, customer-friendly model is getting a warm response. Crowne is the fifth fastest-growing construction company in Oklahoma. It made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in 2017, and it’s on track to repeat that success in 2018.

Based in Moore, the company opened an Edmond showroom in 2017. Breer and his team used an unusual tool to choose the new location—GoogleEarth. Viewed from satellite, the whole area around the site showed red where ground had been broken for new construction. “There was a huge opportunity for what we do,” says Breer.

With a Master’s Degree in construction administration from OU, Breer has been involved in the industry for more than a decade. But his interest in design goes back to the days when he made a go-kart out of spare parts as a 13-year-old Kansas farm boy. “I’ve always loved building, making new things, and being creative,” he says.

Breer’s passion for innovation continues today. 

Crowne is working on a proprietary process that will allow installations to be completed more quickly. Plans are also in the works to open several more Crowne Kitchen and Bath stores across the region.

Visit Crowne’s Edmond showroom at 164th and Portland, or view latest projects on their website at

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