Conducting Excellence

Windsong Chamber Choir might be the metro’s best kept musical secret. Thirty trained vocalists comprise this prestigious, mid-sized chamber choir. The sound of classical acapella is their mainstay, but their concerts include an array of music, from Mozart and madrigals to jazz.

“Choir music isn’t for everyone, but when people hear us, they know they are listening to quality—even if they don’t know why we sound so good,” said Kerry Barnett, founder of Windsong. “We have powerful singers with a distinctly unified sound.”

Windsong Choir founder Kerry Barnett with new director Jeanise MortonThe long-term force behind that sound is artistic director, Kerry Barnett. He and his wife, Marilee, formed Windsong in 1991 with the goal of providing Oklahoma City with virtuoso music, both sacred and secular. The first rehearsals were held in their home, with the family dog sitting at their feet.  

Eventually, the choir performed at a variety of venues, but for many years, their home base was at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, where Barnett was the music minister. In order