Coaches Predict Slam Dunk Seasons

Kevin Korstjens, Edmond North High School Girls Basketball Coach is entering his fourth season with the Huskies.

Q: What inspired you to become a
     basketball coach?
A:  I have always had a love for basketball and I’ve
     been fortunate to have played for some great
     coaches. Coaching allows me to be around the
     game and be a part of a special group, my basket-
     ball family.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career
     at North?
A:  Going from a 6-15 team to 23-3 team, earning the
     best record in school history with a state tourna-
     ment qualifier in just two seasons.

Jeff Tompkins, Edmond North High School Boys Basketball Coach has been with the Huskies two years.

Q: What inspired you to become a
     basketball coach?
A:  When I was a junior in high school, we won the
     State Championship. The next year, we were upset
     by another team, and unable to defend our title.
     Since then, all I’ve wanted to do is go back to the
     State Tournament again…and again…and again.

Q: What will be the key to your team’s
A:  Half court defense, execution on offense, and
     tremendous effort will lead us to success with
     the playoffs as well as the state tournament.

Shane Coffey is starting a 10th season as the Edmond Memorial Girls Basketball head coach and also worked in the boy’s program for four years as an assistant.  

Q: What made you want to become a
     basketball coach?
A:  The one thing that inspired me to become a
     basketball coach is the positive impact that you
     can have on student athletes on and off the basket-
     ball court. It is so exciting to see former players
     that come back and tell you the lessons you
     taught have helped them in their everyday lives. 

Q: What game are you looking forward to
     this year?
A:  It is hard to say what is the one game that we
     look forward to during the year. I would have to
     say anytime that we get to play in the Doghouse it
     is special. Our student body is amazing. They
     are definitely the rowdiest group in the state. Their
     presence brings a playoff atmosphere to every
     home game. It is something that our entire
     team appreciates.

Shane Cowherd, Edmond Memorial Boys Basketball Coach has coached in Edmond for four years.

Q:  What has been the highlight of your career
      at Memorial?
A:   Every year has different highs and lows. I think
      every time I get the opportunity to coach a game
      against our rival schools is a highlight.  Most people
      outside of Edmond have absolutely no idea what
      they are missing.  It is a special atmosphere
      every year!
Q:  What creates great teamwork on
      the court?
A:   Chemistry between players is great for teamwork,
      but building a team that throws aside selfish
      desires is key. When a player knows that their
      teammate or coach truly cares about them — well,
      greatness usually occurs!

Paul Bass, Edmond Santa Fe Girls Basketball Coach has been coaching for 15 years, six years as an assistant, and nine years as a head coach.

Q:  What are your expectations for the
A:   We have made it to state four out of the last
      five years, so that’s our continued expectation. Plus,
      there are three schools we look forward to playing
      every year – Edmond North, Edmond Memorial
      and Mustang have been big rivals for years.

Q:  What is your goal for your team this year?
A:  The first goal is to win all home games. Second is to
     win both tournaments that we are in. Third is to
     win our conference. Fourth is to host a regional
     and fifth is to make it to state, because making it
     to state in 6A girls basketball is one of the toughest
     things to do. We take a lot of pride in what we do
     here at Santa Fe High School. 

Shawn Schenk, Edmond Santa Fe Boys Basketball Coach has been with the Wolves four years.

Q:   What are your expectations for the
      upcoming season?
A:   We expect every member of our team to strive
      for excellence  on and off the court as well as play
      hard, play smart, and play together. We believe if
      we combine these expectations with our talent
      that we can compete for a Metro Conference
      championship and a state tournament berth.

Q:  What will be the key to your team’s success
      this year?
A:   We believe we give ourselves the best chance to be
      successful if we focus on the things we can control:
      our effort, our attitude, our character, playing great
      defense, rebounding, limiting turnovers, making
      layups and free throws, and playing unselfishly.

Matt Bailey, Deer Creek Boys Basketball Coach is in his first year with the Antlers.

Q:  What inspired you to become a
      basketball coach?
A:   Basketball has been a big part of my life since I
      was 7 yrs old. I played from little league all the way
      through college. In college is where I first realized
      that I wanted to become a coach when my playing
      days come to an end. I have a great passion for the
      game of basketball and I love the challenge of being
      a coach.  
Q:  What are your expectations for the
      upcoming season?
A:   I have high expectations for my team this season.
      We are young but have a lot of skill players that will
      be fun to watch. Our team goals this year include:
      win a State Championship, win the Suburban
      Conference, win all the tournaments we are in and
      go undefeated at home.

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